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My New Scimitar "first tank" updated 31st may

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So this is what I traded my van for well my van and a couple of m cycles any way .
This is how it looked before I got it home .
28132684388_762d1539d1_z.jpgDSC01944 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

42004945041_52feeb3a05_z.jpgDSC01943 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

28470539798_4a013a0723_k.jpgDSC02041 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

day 1  I started to strip it down I  removed all the side bins and exhorts shield and with a rubber malet fixed a few dents on the shield so it looks sweet now 

41441797165_fe3dbab84f_k.jpgDSC02046 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

41441794925_08d0e64df3_k.jpgDSC02047 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

All These bins and heat shield will go of for powder coating the bins in crinkle coat satin black and shield in a smooth heat coat . When I get the tank back from Hatywood tanks who are going to sort out a few things inside for me ill remove the exhorts and get that hear powder coated as well and ill get some of the painted stuff in side silver powder coated as well like  air ducting and so on  just to make them all look nice and new  .

41621156304_810f8970dd_k.jpgDSC02048 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

There were a few brackets like this one that held a side bin of that are rusty so ill get them powder coated as well its far better then zink plating and wont rust over time so when its done its done for ever.

41621161714_3bc04c4b09_k.jpgDSC02043 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

After removing the back bins ther was a hatch with what looks like and exhoust pipe coming out but it is infact for the rir intake when I removed the bolts and pulled it down there are 3 filters in there so I may well have to replace them at some  point if needed. 

42343611341_b74e175562_k.jpgDSC02044 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

28470530548_8b182c7b1e_k.jpgDSC02045 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I removed the 30mm gun and its support

If you look next to the main gun holl you will see a small holl that’s for a crappy little gun that no one ever has fitted so ill be fitting one from a Saber that have a way nice one 
 41621114474_6937929829_k.jpgDSC02077 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I cant remove this rusting pice though I have removed all bolts and nothing moves but it needs coming out so I can get the center holl made bigger for the 50mm/ 60m  gun ill be fitting . Ill all so be getting a custom flash breaker for the end  something nicer looking then the simple trumpet fitted to the 300mm.  

41441747295_b2ed8656cc_k.jpgDSC02078 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

There is not a lot of room inside not a lot at all infact once your in your pretty mush not going any were . So I striped everything out so when haywood tanks get  it they don’t have to strgel to do the work . I want to make it as easy as possible for them and give them all the space I can . why stugel if they don’t have to . 

So I removed all the seats from inside threw the drivers hatch witch was simple once I removed the seat bace and seat pads and dropped it flat to the floor . Now the center pice with is for the shells is like a table and as i wont be firing any shells is just a large nuisance with no perpose so I removed that as well and it will not be going back in so that’s about 1/3 more moving space just in that 1 action .   

28470499458_9666ad91a9_k.jpgDSC02063 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

The problem with this is the legs are so long and with all the viewing stuff inside it just would not fit threw any hatch so I got the trusty hack saw out and cut in in half then it fitted thre a hatch no problem .

27474248937_faa4a53a41_k.jpgDSC02064 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

So mow all the ordinance  storage  are out and seats there is plenty of room to work Inside 

41441751865_4520dc6f5b_k.jpgDSC02075 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
41621115874_a480ed5288_k.jpgDSC02076 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

42343567341_b48ddcf471_k.jpgDSC02072 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

So this is what I did day one of owning this tank . Ill give it a bloody good clean inside over the weekend and remove the large ring that the seats bolt to so I can get underneath  and clean that down as there are bits and stuff every were as you can see. 

At some point I will make some better storage for the battery’s what they are in now are some crappy plastic things that are bigger then they need to be and very flimsy and brittle looking ill make them in alloy and line them with rubber . They will fit better inside and give a little more room as well . I think there is some fixing points as well so ill make a bracket on them so they can be bolted down.

28470514488_9ab8c303ac_k.jpgDSC02053 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Theirs 2 of the buggers as well and missing from the inside is 2 more that I will need so ill have to do something for them as well . 

41621149264_69f015de89_k.jpgDSC02052 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I  took a load of pictures when I removed everything so hopefully when it come to putting everything back I can just look back and see what I took from were I replaced all the bolts from were they came dint make the mistake  of putting them all in a tin LOL .

So while its al hey wood I will be making the bigger gun and cleaning the seats and spraying them silver as the zink all pitting . They are not to bad but while they are out seems daft not to do all I can to make it as nice as possible .
 28470496958_576f19bf5d_k.jpgDSC02065 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

All stuff like this I will be removing when I get it vack from haywood tanks and powder coating and all bolts will be replaced with ST/ST and rubber like this top mount that’s looking a bit rough ill try and replace . I need to get some missing bins new cushions for the under side of the hatches and some covers for the frills on top of the engine . so ill bee making a list and looking out for this stuff . 

40536687810_4f0c949e4e_k.jpgDSC02059 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

41621141614_cf1cfa9461_k.jpgDSC02058 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Im going to remove everything inside that does not and will not ever work so stuff like the night vision will be out as will anything else that just takes up space I don’t need decoration in side the turret id sooner have more space . 

For the wheels im going to do something like this not the same but some kind of alloy plate anodized black and machined back on the ends to give a blade look 

28471358518_c2ec134fce_b.jpgwheels by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Down the sides some have a stone guard and ill get some lazed up saying scimitar and 2 scimitars underneath I think it will look cool and add a little extra to it that no others have ill laser up some mud flaps holds as well as I don’t have any just 1 bent and mangled one that ill hammer flat and get copped.

So ill finish of with the Paint work this is what I have in mined  every one see is the same old boring green with black bits or sandy for desert camo . So other then the bins that will all be in crinkle coat the  black  the rest of the tank will be painted in satin black with a dark burgundy red patches with a thin green out line like in these pictures its called 3 tone disbursement paint 

 28471387488_8799dcfcfe_k.jpgDSC02031 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

42344751241_221dd594ff_k.jpgDSC02030 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

41442706005_165e7bee16_k.jpgDSC02029 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

41621977594_1f621a9915_k.jpgDSC02028 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Edited by Norbo
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I appreciate its your vehicle and you can do what you want with it, but please try and keep everything you remove and don’t do anything which can’t be reveresed. What you’re doing will knock most of the value off the vehicle and make it much more difficult to sell when the time comes. It will be easier for the next guy if you’ve kept everything.

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ill be keeping the 30mm and the piece it slots in to any everything im taking of will be boxed up the paint is just paint the trims are just bolt on The only thing thats not is i want to fit a nice chain gin so ill need to drill and tap the turret to fit on as this only have that small holl. Im not building for other people so i dont care about the value others put on it im building it for me so if its how i like it . But i understand what your saying .  

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Thought it might have been only every used them twice, can remember once test firing as the armourer fed the belt, the firing point was slightly up hill and could work out why he was laughing, turns out the recoil was slowly pushing me down the hill.

He was telling me how long to give the burst of fire, I am sure in hind site he made me fire about half the belt in one go just to see me slide

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1 hour ago, Chris Hall said:

The GPMG is probably the finest machine gun ever made. Better than a Bren (And for me to say that it has to be good) and superior to the MG42 etc. If you gave a squady the option of any machine gun, that would be it. 

Having trained with the 7.62 SLR, and used that frequently I can see where you are coming from

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On 5/25/2018 at 11:43 PM, Bob Grundy said:

.....a crappy little gun that no one has (as) ever fitted....crappy little gun?

Most i have seen in fact all i have seen just have a small holl and nothing fitted i did fined a picture of one with gun fitted but its just a small piece about 6" sticking out the small holl . Its just the ones fitted to the sabre are a lot bigger and more impressive looking as as all are just for show and not working id just like the better looking one . But I have decided not to drill and tap it ill just make something my self and use a rod that will fit they the small holl  and put a big nut on it and attach it that way . so the turret remains undamaged and ill make something that looks a little like a rail gun . I did put in a lot of hours sat and ill finish it of Monday if the sun stays out . It looks a lot different in side now . just need to finish the drivers area . Ive taken some pics ill post them when ive  finished after the weekend  . I will say this that bloody filter box at the back was heavy as hell .

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Ok So I put in a couple of days over the bank holiday weekend and got a few more things looking nice 

The shell racks at ether side of the seats and at the  back got a bloody good scrubbing down as did the straps ,its amazing how nice they came up . I was gowing to get them diped to remove the grime and make them look nice but at the end of the day it’s a tank and never gowing to be a show one at that , still very happy with how they turned out /
40650841710_6b811cefb2_k.jpgDSC02107 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
42408793732_02d6d1abce_k.jpgDSC02111 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I removed the air filter bloody heavy more then I was expecting 
42408817822_f715dc9d8c_k.jpgDSC02083 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
42459404721_d6d8a6d63b_k.jpgDSC02088 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
42459406231_e081e243c7_k.jpgDSC02087 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
28586729068_06da4040db_k.jpgDSC02086 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Gave it a bloody good clean down inside and out 
42459402161_648b1770ed_k.jpgDSC02090 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
27589162187_39e76f3c49_k.jpgDSC02109 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
seems to be a filter missing in the midle but the other ones looked like new once I had them out 
42408797562_045a6508b9_k.jpgDSC02108 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Then I fitted the rack and the filter back in and pluged everything back in to it 
27589156447_ee548138a1_k.jpgDSC02112 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
27589154887_bbada4cbcc_k.jpgDSC02113 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I then cleaned it up and scrubbed it as best I could and removed all the grime and its now looks a lot different to how it did inside 
   41736411934_1965f90b30_k.jpgDSC02089 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
42459400051_ea377f2927_k.jpgDSC02092 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
41736407874_c5f1e9ec98_k.jpgDSC02093 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
42459397961_242002a13d_k.jpgDSC02094 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
40650850470_07b5d77eea_k.jpgDSC02095 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
41556939485_a6e5fff956_k.jpgDSC02097 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I removed the boxes from inside and scrubbed the cushoning round the out side and put everytghing back in place again 
 40650846680_811e2e6f0a_k.jpgDSC02098 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
40650845390_bcb4302c10_k.jpgDSC02103 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I removed the floor panels to get underneath and cleaned the crap out of that as well  didn’t fancy removing the big ring but in the end you don’t need to I was finding things out as I worked 
41736397994_91858d173f_k.jpgDSC02104 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr
28586708528_0d5b70b79f_k.jpgDSC02105 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

I had a day  of on Sunday and me and the kids went out so  on Monday I did the drivers area . this was the most ditched I think I removed some veg growing in the cushion part above the sticks . But it looks quite weet now good abough for me any way   27589153237_917953c058_k.jpgDSC02114 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

The only other thing I did was pick up some front bins and the headlight covers . im missing the middle one if any one has this and the side lights I all so need with the warning lights on the drivers side . Luckley the bloke selling them was just 20mins up the road in nottingham working on a jeap with his dad  on the Monday .
41736384214_fc4765e4e6_k.jpgDSC02115 by Norbo Lea, on Flickr

Some of the bits still look a bit crappy but there is no point in removing them now as powder coating will take a few weeks and Hayward tanks will need  all the ducting and boxes to make shure its all right and may need to add some bits so ill wate until I get it  back then ill remove everything that I can get it powdered silver and put it back in again . 

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On 5/28/2018 at 8:12 AM, Obitwo said:

Hi, Wish to buy those turret parts you don't want to keep. You have a PM. 


Any parts i remove and dont put back in again ill be keeping to pass on to a new owner when i sell it at some point , I dont want people saying O its not got this or that bits missing and them have to look for stuff and not have my one be course of it . It may not look standard when i have finished with it but it will still have all the bits to go with it .   

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Well all the bins i have are of now for powder coat except the front ones that Haywood have as they will need them to drill and fit them and space out the front lights . i just sent the  lids for powder from them the hinges i removed and had them zink plated . could have done then olive green but as the bins are going to be black same as the tank i did them black with a slight greet tinge . they turned out real nice bit 1 hinge is a bugger to open and no matter how hard i hit it with a pin and hammer the inside rod will not move and mm . 

Im still looking for the smaller center bin if any one has one . 


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I would be vary weary of doing anything with wheels, with the typical attrition rate being 30 miles of driving between a tyre becoming de-bonded and coming off the rim (necessitating a wheel change). The wheel is then effectively scrap.

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I have no intention on doing anything with the wheels other then painting them I wont be taking them of may be add a small alloy trim to the outer bolts i was thinking but thats just taking of a nut and fitting something and i may not do that 

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Droped in at Haywood tanks today to drop of my super bright LED headlights with build in indicators and pick up the main gun stay in the turret , My intention was to machine the center hole bigger to 65mm as that the  max size you can fit in the longer barrel support, but after a chat with Dale he gave me an option i hadn't thought about  . ether machine the support as well and then fit a 90mm barrel as on the scorpions or why not ditch the support all together. So im thinking may be leave out the center boss altogether start the gun at the boss size which is a little over 150mm for say 3.5ft with 1.5 feet being inside and the rest 2ft out side then have 3 foot of  100mm  welded to it and machine them so they blend in together  then fit the flash brake wich will add a further 1ft to the need like on the pictures above of the paint im looking for you can see how the barrel is something like that . Think that will look ace once its powder coated black 

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