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SAS Land Rovers - before the Pink Panther

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6 hours ago, REME 245 said:

Have you read the Wheel and Tracks article on SAS Land Rovers?

Thank you, no I haven't.  I have heard of Wheels and Tracks, but I must confess that I have no idea of what it is or where to find it.  Next stop Google!


5 hours ago, Nick Johns said:

Dunsfold Landrover collection have one of only Two surviving SAS Ser.1 Landrovers, its a late Ser.1 88"wb  ...80"wb landovers were Not used by SAS


Thank you; I'll certainly take a look at that.

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"Quarter  Ton"  by Pat Ware  page 25 ;-

+ two photographs of  43BR70

FVRDE - built  FV18006  SAS  patrol vehivle.  This vehicle was modified from a standard  FV.18001  Mk.3   86 inch wheelbase cargo variant supplied under contract  20244 in 1955.  Note the scuttle mounted Vickers  'k' observer's machine guns, and the rear mounted Browning.   This is one of nine  86 inch vehicles converted to this role, with a number of  88 inch variants also being built before the Series 2  was adopted in 1967  (TMB)

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The first LWB SAS "Pink Panthers" were earlier than 1967.  A number of EL registered Rover 9s, from the 1963 contracts were converted "in-house" and it was these which were the direct predecessors of the 72 FG-registered Marshalls-built Rover 11s.

  There are a number of good photos of them on the internet, including a good overhead of a couple of them being evacuated from Aden along with other Land Rovers, in sand, aboard an RFA in 1967.  Here is one - courtesy of the internet.  Apart from the registration, not always visible, the obvious identifying feature is the rifle bucket on the front wing - which is round, rather than square in profile.


10 68




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