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Dingo Carburettor work

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Hi all

I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for work on Dingos, specifically the carburettor, around Bristol/wilts if possible?

Mine will start and idle without difficulty, but usually dies as soon as the throttle is touched.  I guess there is a issue with the speed jet. I've been known to have a go at fixing a 125 cc bike carburettor (or a chainsaw !) but that is about my limit and  I am not at all confident I wont make things worse if I start poking around in a solex .


Any suggestions for somewhere that may be familiar with these carbs please?


Many thanks



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On ‎5‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 10:23 PM, Nick Johns said:

Speak to Richard Farrant for Dingo work, there was a thread on here a few years back on the problems with Dingo carbs

Hi Jerry,

Just come across this and see Nick has put my name forward. You can get overhaul kits for these carbs and there is a lot of information on how they work with illustrations in the Dingo workshop manuals. Probably needs a complete clean in an ultrasonic cleaner or similar. Could be the diaphragms in the accelerator pump have failed or jets and /or drillings are obstructed. If you have had this vehicle for a while has it suddenly happened?

regards, Richard

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I am no expert or mechanic, but will tell you about an experience I had one summer. I have had exactly the same thing happen suddenly to a veteran boat motor that needed a 2 percent oil blend in the fuel. Turned out that we used the wrong type of oil in the blend. It was very frustrating, lost a whole summer out on the water with the carb apart at least twice. After a tip from a boat mechanic to change fuel lines and start with fresh fuel and oil, bobs your uncle.

l don't know if you have a blended fuel or not, but checking the fuel quality is a simple messure to start with.

cheers Rolf

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Thanks everyone 


unfortunately the easy wins have been tried.  The starting and idling were a bit suspect, and fresh fuel was the first thought. Then two months standing converted iffy starting to non starting, which led to a carb strip and clean, and (much needed) renewal of the diaphragms etc with the champ spares kit.  Now starting and idling are as they should be but acceleration is the issue.  

It may be as simple as a stray bit of muck, or it may not, and as there are a few other nice to do jobs on it I’m at the stage where the time and skill vs cash trade of is in favour of having a garage with experience look at it I think 




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21 hours ago, Jerry Cornelius said:

  Now starting and idling are as they should be but acceleration is the issue.  




I am wondering if your fuel pump is not putting enough through to keep the float chamber full, The pump diaphragm might be a bit stretched.

Back to the carby, there are some very small passages in it and fuel nowadays seems to have a lot of fine deposits which tend to pass through the inline filters that a lot of us use now.

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These are also good points. The fuel pump could do with a refurb on principle. (It’s on the jobs list, and I’m musing going electric ). I have no idea when it was last done and don’t doubt from the state of the carb that the pump diaphragm will also be showing age. I suspect that was part of what was behind the initial issues. But I doubt it’s the main cause of the present issue because the engine just dies with no rise in revs, rather than showing willing and then dying  

I have now fitted a fuel filter

I suspect/hope you are right about gunk  

On the question of garages has anyone any experience of west end garage Bruton?  They are not far from me and iirc from CMV have a side line in MVs?





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