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Decativated weapons for sale

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AK 47 full welded action.£250ono 

Luger Pistol replica and mag cocks and dry fires.£100

Browning Blank firer (Needs repair) with pilots chest holster £50 with eighty(80) 8mm blanks.

Colt Python .357 Magnum (Broken hammer) £25.

German potato masher practice grenade £15

Have some other bits and bobs or militaria and plenty of .303 inert ammo and speed clips. Even have some 7.62 x54 empty cases

All have at least 1 magazine with each weapon.

If your interested please do get in touch. By PM or mobile.

No 0740 15 19 117










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Removed items no longer for sale.
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hi Phil , arrived back home , is that your phone number in the add , when would be the best time to call so we can have a chat about the bren , my email address is ,   2e0prp@gmail.com , like i said before very interested in that item and maybe a ew other items you have   , look forward to hearing from you , regards  Pete

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That is a fine collection, but please do be careful advertising de-acs for sale. In case you have missed all the changes in legislation over he last year or two, it is a criminal offence to transfer ownership (that would include gifting, or leaving in your will) of any de-ac which does not conform to current EU/UK legislation, introduced in April 2017, if my memory is correct. Any de-ac not conforming must be re de-activated to current spec before transfer.

Basically, thanks to the t**ts at Brussels, any automatic or semi-automatic gun must be utterly destroyed by welding everything solid, whilst bolt action rifles must have the magazine modified, and the receiver pinned. I further understand that from the end of June this year, bolt action rifles will have to be pretty much welded solid so that they will no longer cock and dry fire.

I stress that I am not trying to p*** anyone off - as a collector myself, I have no desire to see a fellow collector/enthusiast fall foul of the law.

In this case, the law truly is an ass - the only effect these changes will have is to drive the market for old spec de-acts underground.


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