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Birmabright (New old stock)


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I am fairly sure that amongst the stuff that my dad won't be getting to use up that he collected over the years are some sheets of Birmabright. 

He was planning to use it to skin a camper van he was going to make on an Austin Champ chassis. 

I remember us making a diversion on the way back from holiday to pick the sheets up from Birmingham, and we came back with them on the roof of another camper van he had made, on an Austin LD IIRC. The background was that he had been there with his job to fix their rolling mill, and managed to persuade them to give him some as a "special".

I don't know what condition they are in after 40 years leaned against the wall in the garage, nor do I recall how many they are. But the sheets are at least 8'x4' and at least 6 of them. 

I don't know the grade, there may be markings. 

Is this likely to be of use to the Land Rover chaps? 

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You may find  BB2  the Land Rover (half-hard)  grade stamped on a corner , you can find the odd ancient LR panel with it.  Of course there is nothing special - the identical grade can be found by alternative manufacturers using such as USA and Continental  Spec. numbers  .  IIRC  BB - obviously is a Birmid  internal BirmaBright  local  code.  Birmabright had a good reputation for protection against salt water.    My mother & father - in-law were on the shore of Coniston on the day Campbell was killed.  Like myself - I think they would have suggested Bluebird should never have been recovered. 


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