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NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2


QTY of tyres   

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  1. 1. Number of tyres

    • 5 of 900x16
    • 5 x 10.50 x 16
    • 5 x 11.00 x 20
    • 5 x 9.00 x 13

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Hi all,  quick update on the tyres, we are just waiting on the production company to get on with them! we keep chasing them up but unfortunately no date for receiving them  set it stone yet. we will get there in the end, as soon as i have a date set on them arriving on the uk i will update. 

sorry to anyone waiting on them, we are at the mercy of the production. 


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Hi Barry,

I've somehow missed all this over the last few months!  I'd like four 900x16s - I have a CS8 with run flats, but I assume these won't be RF?  Mine's a compressor truck and there's no convenient space for a spare - most modern cars don't carry a spare, so I may as well follow that route!

cheers, Clive

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Hi Everybody, 


Finally some good news on the tyre project, We anticipate production to happen this month, Finally!!  all being well tyres will be in the UK in the spring. i will upload some pictures once they have been produced. 

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Happy New Year and congratulations.

Are you looking for a North American distributor as I know a couple of well qualified and well set up business wise people who may be very interested to act as your agents. Send me an email if you would like to discuss further off line.

There are many on this side of the Atlantic who would buy them. Infact the world wide appetite is quite large.

Once again, it is great to see modern day production of vintage pattern spares to keep our vehicles going, what a great age we live in.



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Canadian interest is high. I take these ate coning from Specialty Tire. We Canucks and Yanks banded together several years ago and had 10.50x16 track grips done. I bought 7 at the time for my C15TA and my Quad Polsten 20mm. Superb tyres!  I woukd be looking for 2 or 3 sets of 5 in 9.00x16. Clearly,  shipping from the US to UK and back to Canada would be ridiculous so I hope you will also have a North American distributer. Cheers! Mike 

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On 1/1/2020 at 11:30 AM, RMS said:

we have made 900x16 to start with.

Hi Barry I am having some of the 900x16 for my M.W when they come, I dont know if you can help me but I also have a Morris MRA1 truck 1953 and I am after some tyres for it they are 9.00x20.  Many thanks for your time Dave.

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