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NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2


QTY of tyres   

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  1. 1. Number of tyres

    • 5 of 900x16
    • 5 x 10.50 x 16
    • 5 x 11.00 x 20
    • 5 x 9.00 x 13

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Hi All

Quick update on the tyres project. we are moving ahead with the 900x16 tyres. Two different ply ratings 8 and 14 for different uses i.e Bedford MW or Daimler ferret etc. we're hoping to have delivery of the first batch by the end of year. 

once the 900's are here we will commence with the next size, most likely 10.50x16 due to interest levels. 

does anybody have a 7.00x18 we could borrow as sample? 




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On 11/26/2018 at 5:43 PM, Andrew Rowe said:

Hi Barry , have you managed to finalise any pricing for these tyres, and have you looked much more into the Dingo Tyres as well? Cheers Andrew.

We haven't got a final price yet as we still have the shipping customs etc to sort. The aim is for them to be a similar price to 900x16 bar grips on the market. 


we haven't gone further with Dingo tyres yet,  once the 900's are in we can start looking at the next sizes. 

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2 hours ago, radiomike7 said:

Don't buy them from the listing as four would be £3200😲

Error icon

4 available - £800      has caused confusion, if you read the description a much better price.

The two new ones are £280 a piece for, the other two are £220 a piece, you can buy all, or just one or two it's your choice,to buy all four I want £800 which is a bargain.

Not my tyres and I don't know the seller.

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Hi, Sorry i have been meaning to post an update There was a problem with the first test mould so it has been modified and the second test batch turned out great. obviously this has delayed the tyres a bit though. we are now hoping to do the production tyre imminently and get them on there way. its taken longer than hoped as well but unfortunately with a project like this it cant be helped.  As soon as we have an update on shipping i will let you all know. 

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On 2/26/2019 at 7:27 PM, Houtsch Marc said:

Hello, is it still possible to have a set of 5 tires 9.00x16 ?

Many  thanks, kind regards, Marc

yes no problem, its currently a waiting game on the production run and shipping. Once we have a firm date i will update all those interested. 

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2 hours ago, woa2 said:


I have an old 900x13 Trac grip tyre you can have for a pattern. It's not usable on a vehicle, but OK for a pattern. If you want it, please let me know.

That would be handy thanks, we wont do the 13's for a while yet as the 900's and 10.50's are priority. 

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