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War & Peace Revival - 2018

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I had a good show. It was too hot but that's nobodys fault. Still better than the rain and cold of last year.

So a 8 to me, a lot had to do with meeting old friends and getting to know new people.


I had the idea there was hardly any traffic in the America's field during viisitors hours but also in the evening. We were in the middle-ish of the field, not on the main road.

In the evenings it seems to be only the themed convoys like the tanks or german vehicle convoy and some minor movements.

We hardly saw any people walking around the whole day, allmost exclusively exhibitors walking to the staal and back, to the toilets atc.

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As most people will know, War & Peace evolved from the annual IMPS club show that was first at Tenterden and after a few years at the Whitbread Hop Farm. In 1994 it was renamed as Back from the Be

I went for a full week and had a great time again! While there are always things that can improve I just don't understand that attitude of trying to bash everything. If you don't like it, adapt next y

My thinking is that your enjoyment of any show is mostly down to your own attitude, go looking for perfection with pre-conceived prejudices and you're sure to be disappointed. I have no interest

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I'm late to the party on this but thought I would share my views having attended W&P for the first time this year.

Like LarryH57 I got there before 8.00 and echo his experience, the security guy was friendly enough but the booking in was a shambles. I know of one MV that broke down in the lanes, no doubt caused in part by the constant stop/start in the searing heat. Once I was in I was totally awe struck by the sheer size of it. I was only there for two days and didn't know where to start. As well as the usual WWII reenactors, there were the US Navy Seal's (pity those guys in full body armour in that heat), Camp Bastion and Black Hawk down. Some of the other highlights were the Red Ball Express MT, the WW2 German 'camp' complete with 2x Sd Kfz 251's! One of my favourite scenes was the WW2 RAF reenactors being inspected, and one of them being marching off in double time (presumably for a show parade in the guardroom). The armour parading around the showground was a little dissapointing, but the guy's in the Russian BMP-1 (actually a Warsaw Pact variant I think) were having a ball doing 360's in a ball of smoke! 

I didn't know what to expect when it came to trade stands, but I thought there would be more MV parts sellers, but if you were in the market for uniforms from WWII to the present day you were in luck. I picked up a 58 pattern poncho roll holder and a long jack handle for my LWT from Phil Bashall, who was happy to chat and gave me some useful contacts which should help push my 127 Rapier resto along, so I can't grumble.

As for the entertainment, the memory of the Elvis singing Thin Lizzy will stay with me for a long time. I'd been warned about the ablutions, but I got up early for a SSS in the brick toilet block. During the day I carried a 1/2 litre water bottle and kept filling it up as I went along, I drank countless litre's with no ill effects.

I was there with the Military Lightweight Club, and attending W&P was as much about meeting some of the people from the forum who had helped and inspired me to finish my LWT (it was also great to be part of the Guinness record attempt). Would I go again, if I was going with friends or as part of a club you bet.

Now where can I buy a Dodge WC for £30? Which incidentally was the price of my exhibitors ticket! 

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15 hours ago, bigduke6 said:

Well said Mike,  If we didn't moan then all these things would be ignored and it would turn into a theme park. 6 out 10 for me. 

Yes Duke, I am aware I am not in the Minority with the Points I raised above!

I almost forgot!  It was irritating also, to having to put up with the individuals, (Being polite there!) & the groups of People Hanging off of vehicles. That simply HAD to fire 'Burst's' of Machine Gun Fire, from Gas Firing MGs, Every time they passed us on the perimeter tracks. In the apparent display of:

'Look, My 'Organ' is bigger than YOUR 'Organ', behaviour. Well that is how it came across to Me!

I had my trusty Friend & Companion, my Dog with Me at the show. & the poor old Lad was terrified each time this happened. & He scuttled into the back of my Trucks Radio shelter, each time this happened!

I saw other Pets at the show also, in the time I was there (19th-29th) & some of them too, were visibly scared!

The strange thing was, My Dog was not scared by the explosion's in the Arena Battles? but that May be because it was a Lot Further from where we were pitched?


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