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British Half Track wartime colour

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We are restoring an IHC Half Track so it has to be British but what colour Olive drab should it be ? 

Same as the US vehicles ?

I'm always surprised by how many variations there seem to be for a  single colour , some are greener some are yellower.... I'm just confused .

Any advice re colour and supplier welcome 



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They would have remained in the factory olive drab. The whole point of introducing an od into British use, SCC15, was to remove any need to repaint US vehicles to match the previous service brown, SCC2. Vehicles were not to be repainted unless absolutely necessary.

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There were variations in the nuts for halftracks, IHC using a slightly different style to White etc. They were an all metal locking nut and have been reproduced in the US in the last year or so. Look on G503.

Nylocks weren't in use at that time but fibrelocs were. Similar in design but using a fibre insert, better resistance to heat! Fibrelocs were used by the UK and US during the war.

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