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VL Myrsky, Finnish WW2 Fighter


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if you are interested in British war history in Lappland
 please read this


my friend said his relative  met 1941 in autumn ? two British pilots who were shot down  in that attack
he met them at the German ? military hospital in Tornio but didn´t remember their names
maybe someone is interested about that and knows who they were


...and about the Fokker D XXI in Finland
The highest scoring airframe was FR-110, achieving 10 victories; this aircraft survived the war and is on display at the Central Finland Aviation Museum.


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Hi Pekka,

I have been interested in both the winter war and the continuation war, unfortunately the books I have read have focussed mainly on the ground war.  After your posting I did a bit of searching but couldn't find many books either on Finnish Aircraft of the period or on personnel.  However I have found a copy of a book about Finland's leading Ace - Enio Luukkanen (Fighter over Finland - Memoirs of a fighter pilot) which should be on its way :-)


So thanks again for the nudge about this area of history

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