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Unusual winching ground anchor.

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I have this ground anchor. I am told this cast steel version (I don't think it is a forging) is most unusual in the U.K. although I don't think it is the only one I have seen.

I purchased it from one of the larger surplus dealers at Beltring about 20 years ago; I didn't pay a special premium on it, as I remember it was mixed in a pile of the normal folded plate version.

Can anybody tell me more about it?

I know someone wants to reproduce them and is looking for a drawing, if one should exist before I make a drawing for him to use to make a pattern.


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Thanks Rustexpert for posting your pic.. They look pretty much the same as the Aussie ones I am trying to find - (pic below also posted in wrecker forum), Probably have the same pin locations and cross section.  May have some casting differences - date location, part or FV number?, but probably not noticeable to the untrained eye.

Thanks all for the replies .

cast anchors.jpg

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These ground anchors were used quite a lot in Bridging operations with the RE, they are indeed WWII and immediate post-war. Interestingly enough Bassett-Lowke reproduced these in 1/6th scale as part of the Bailey Bridge training models that were made between 1944 - 1962


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