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8 minutes ago, Tomo.T said:

The ASC (Army Service Corps ) No. was an early means of registering military kit, including vehicles. The system did not work in practice and there were many duplicate no's issued. The whole system was scrapped in early 1915 and replaced by WD ' bonnet ' No's.

Thanks Tomo, I thought that was probably the case but didn't want to jump to conclusions.

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Thanks Andy, Perhaps I am better off not knowing the hammer price but I am quite happy with my purchase. Although it is obvious the engine has spent some time outside and there were two spark plu

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I have these lamp brackets, the sidelamp bracket is quite similar to those in photos but only uses two bolts to mount to the bulkhead. My chassis is not drilled for headlamp brackets.



These hand controls don't quite match the parts book either but could certainly be used if nothing else turns up.


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We are slowly collecting parts and information for this project. The Thornycroft BT with T4 engine was not made in large numbers and shares very few parts with the post-WWI model (although the three speed gearbox appears to have been kept for a few years before the (very different) four speed gearbox was adopted. I identified this negative on eBay as being the same model so purchased it.


According to the Thornycroft records this BT Box van was chassis number 1806 and fitted with engine T4-458.

Period photos can be just as useful to restorations as the parts books and drawings. 

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