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Aerodrome Smokescreen Generator Trailers

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I have been offered 3 off old farm trailers; they have been described as WW2 Aerodrome Smokescreen Generator Trailer chassis. Has anybody heard or seen anything answering this description. They are fairly distinctive construction but not in anyway unconventional sprung and braked four wheel turntable steer trailers, 20" wheels; not very heavy construction like what I would say was 3 ton capacity. I will post pictures when I have some.

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6 hours ago, 8_10 Brass Cleaner said:

The plant hire firm on the Colomendy Industrial estate in Denbigh converted them and sold them on to Farmers. I used to work next door on my holidays while I was a student. There were a number of different styles, but all 3 wheel and sprung


These are quite distinctive modifications with the kicked up front end; the welding is pretty horrible on the mods but all that is to be cut away anyway.


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I have done some research; it seems that to cover a city and docks area like Bristol, hundreds were required and all of them ready to move at a moments notice as the wind changed. The British "Haslar" system covered the area with oily residue. I assume you Hedd were in college broadly the same time as myself late 1980's. I am surprised that they were being released as surplus so late for conversion at that time, also by that time farm transport was starting to become by legal necessity far more slick than earlier "crudeness". These examples have obviously been hanging around much longer than that but the stretching is indeed crude but obviously successful in the agricultural sense.

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