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Mystery Object No. 29

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I don't know how you got on with it Richard, but it looks as if the man has forgotten to remove his Long Johns.






Not used that type, but on one of my Aussie desert treks with a jeep, one of the guys with us, had a small folding camping stool with a convenient hole in the middle. Nothing better than sitting in the open space with miles of desolte country to observe...............whilst :whistle:

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A story from Burma. One soldier balanced on the pole after a diet of Biscuits Brown. Another soldier sits next to him and there is a Plop Plop Plop. The second soldier groans.

First one says 'Wish I could do that'

Second replies 'No you don't'

First 'Yes I do I've been trying for an hour'

Second 'No you don't. That was my knife fork and spoon'

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