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Dear Munga friends, dear friends of the four-rings,

Word got around here and there, after a one-year creative period, I put together a book about DKW MUNGA F 91/6, the short flatbed version, and put my thoughts, memories, findings and research on paper.

We all know that a lot has already been written about our MUNGA, not everything was necessarily correct or complete, many things turned out on closer inspection as written off, misinterpreted or incompletely researched.Maybe I managed to create an informative reference book.

It was my ambition not only to provide an informative reference book, but also a priceworthy reading to the reader. After all, we are already investing heavily in our "historic cultural heritage on four wheels".

For cost reasons, I have therefore waived a marketing on the trade. The book is self-published and can only be ordered from me.

On 130 pages with well over 250 pictures, drawings, tables, I present essential information about MUNGA 6.

The book I offer for the price of 15 euros including shipping costs in Germany, the final price for shipping abroad is due to the significantly higher postage costs 20 euros.

I would be glad, if my offer finds interest and many orders are made, because the printing and production costs, my invested amounts were not insignificant for our hobby.

The attached flyer informs about the content and ordering modalities. Sorry, in this time the book is only written in German-language.

You can order via the specified e-mail account: ulmahat@gmx.de

Please do not forget to give me your current address!

Continue to have a nice time and always a good ride, whatever you are on the road.


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