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Dunkirk 1940. Part 2. Inland. France & Belgium. Photos, some never seen before

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Dunkirk 1940. Part 2. Inland France & Belgium. Original wartime photos taken by German troops, some photos/negatives never seen before. From my photo collection.

Copyright Keith Brooker Collection 2018
Part 3 to come.



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1 hour ago, Citroman said:

I wonder they didn't set more vehicles on fire?

They weren't allowed to, there were orders strictly forbidding the torching of vehicles, according to my old workmate.  Thoughts about that are 1, not to give away positions, 2, not to create an even greater impression of defeat, panic and disorder then was absolutely necessary.  My mate was told park-up drop the sump plug, seize the engine, shot or two through the radiator, walk away.

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The BEF basically left behind  an estimated 700 tanks, 20,000 motor bikes, 45,000 cars and lorries, 880 field guns and 310 larger equipments, about 500 anti-aircraft guns, 850 anti-tank guns, 6,400 anti-tank rifles and 11,000 machine-guns.

A lot wasn't useable, quite a bit was.


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The Germans were experiencing a massive vehicle shortage so many of the vehicles abandoned were repaired and pressed into service across the German forces...... former British RHD buses have been found in Norway and Russia. It seems the Germans also paid for 1,000 buses seized in Belgium and Holland and taken elsewhere. 

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