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Please let me know the chassis number and so i will look for more information.

There are several possibilities of identification:
Metal plate behind the right front wheel
Nameplate in the engine compartment between the batteries
The numbers should begin with 3039 00.

Another set of numbers is located on the left side of the engine-room (engine side panel), where the bonnet rests. There are 3 number blocks. I can translate that. If necessary. good photos keep on helping.
Sample pictures attached. Some times you will also find a number in the  engine-hood, left side, under and at the windshield, over the retaining bracket left side.  The number is four or five digits. However, these attachments can often already be replaced. Please send pictures.


FIN - Muster1.jpg


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or sorry, but i didn`t know the possibility in GB.

It`s possible to get a certificate Date paper with production information  by:



Another Another option is to contact the manufacturer. However, this is costly and will cause about 70 euros fees. Contact is:

Ultimately, there is also in GB a comparison vehicle.

Can`´t you copy the papers?

10 years ago I had contact to Robert Day with a Munga 8

in 2014 to Paul Baker with a Munga 8. 





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hi all   i am still messing around with my munga,  but can anyone tell me the thread type and size for the fittings that go into the brake master cylinder oh and of course the pipe diameter

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Hi Graham.

is the manual "The Munga repair Manual"   I have that one but does not tell me the size of the brake fittings , But I know think they are 10x1.00  mm  I bought a few from ebay that size to try them out.

thanks for your reply  that's whats good about these forums you can get help








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