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Any one know much about them?
I want a heater that can be on whilst driving in my motor home?
I wondered if the EBERSPACHER type can be used?
Any idea what the Chinese ones are like?
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I had a petrol Esperbacher in the 101 ambulance. Don't think it was supposed to be used when vehicle was mobile. Try the Bus nuts (Can't believe I've just said that!)  sallon heaters for buses operate whilst vehicle is running. Optare do a particullaly good version. 

Funnily enough my old 109 Series 3 Artic FFR that has turned up again locally has an extension hot water, heater system between the front seats, that I know from trying to work out how to switch it off in summer, works bloody well! 

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I have a box of Eberspacher stuff if you are interested - it came out of a load of stuff we salvaged from a haulage company.  There are two burner blower units, flues, fuel feed pipes, looms and switches etc. They are diesel and 24V. PM me if interested.

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I have diesel eberspachers in both an 03 fiat ducato camper 12v and a Mercedes atego two 24v. as well as most of the trucks I have driven over the years, all good gear, run stationary or moving, really good sites on u tube for repairs and service, usually reliable but the later ones are hard wired into the trucks electrics and second hand do not always have everything you need, the most common fault is the little wire gauze under the igniter plug becoming blocked, a cheap fix and readily available from fleabay, (if its been continually tried to start it may smoke for awhile when running again to burn off fuel mine smoked for nearly an hour and the lady over the road thought the house was on fire lol) 


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An update

I got the two from Paul, on reflection it was too difficult to make a 24v heater run in a 12v vehicle so these have been passed on to a good friend of mine for his truck.

I bought a Chinese one for £172 delivered and I cant fault it, worked straight from the box, well made and working well.

My mate has a 12v Petrol one if ant one is looking for one?

Its the usual story I coolant find one then loads come out of the wood work.

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