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Wanted: Green Goddess tires

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I only got one response when I made the same request last year and without guaranteeing the number I wished to buy without knowing the price, I got no further.  I gave the seller two options but he refused to proceed on that basis. 

The tyres on some Green Goddess from memory are branded as Avon but many were also fitted with Bar Grips.   All are now extremely rare and all British 15 cwts, 3 tonners and Ferrets etc will eventually  end up on Bar Grips at some stage.   Quite if anyone will ever be able to persuade Simex to use the Dunlop Moulds they have seems unlikely.   Lots of people have tried.   We need a millionaire to make them an offer they cannot refuse.



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It's going increasingly be a problem for us green goddess owners! The 1100 Avon tyres are the best bet and better road holding than the bar grips. But even decent condition second hand tyres are now ancient and they suffer from the obligatory side wall cracking way before the tread is even fractionally used up! It would be nice to get Avon to manufacture some again - I'm sure they'd have the moulds still - but you'd need a large quantity to order some (to make it worthwhile) and the cost would be substantial no doubt. I'm left wondering what my GG will run on when the last of the Avons I have wear out. I think you can get 1100 bar grips brand new, made by an American firm called Titan? Someone I know with a GG has a set which apparently were sourced via ATS....


Cheers, Duncan.

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Found it after a bit of searching..... The Titan T Hawk 373 Mil, three sizes one of which is 11.00-20 12. It has the Goodyear logo on the website and 'made by Titan' so I can only assume this is the Goodyear bar grip!

The blurb says: Originally designed for use on 2 1/2- and 5-ton military trucks, this non-directional cross country tread has proven its durability under tough conditions and has become a standard for various military applications


Hope that helps,



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If indeed they have any left and you have very deep pockets, Wallace Wade in the states manufactured a batch of new Track-Grip 10.50-16 some years ago.  The other choice is the Mitas product also manufactured under other names.

Quite if regulation's are less stringent in the states I do not know  but perhaps help may come from that direction.


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I'll agree with Duncan's post about the Avons, they wipe the floor with Trak Grips and bargrips. I think it must be as much the compound as the tread. Avon have gone through a few changes and the tyre business is now owned by Cooper, so chances of them having such obsolete moulds must be pretty minimal.

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