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Indian 741b

Steve willys

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On 5/9/2018 at 4:51 PM, Ron said:

I have just a few pictures of RAF 741's and I don't think there was anything specific about the markings. I guess it was just decided at unit level.  They did seem to often display a roundel. The bikes would have been supplied in service colour. (US Olive Green?)

The inspection picture in Jerusalem in 1945 is probably post war and by now it looks to me as if they have painted the left side of the tank in shiny blue with a roundel (anxious to show their true colours I expect) With a serial number on the white tips of both  mudguards.  

If I was going to depict my 741 as RAF (and it could well be?) I would paint a roundel on each side of the tank with a black serial number on white on the mudguards. No RAF records survive, so it's make it up time. The numbers that I can see in the Jerusalem picture are RAF 10108? - 10010? - 99263?   Ron




Hello again Ron,

Thanks again for the info regarding the book, I was able to buy a copy of it on eBay.

I'm making a ultra low budget documentary on a motorcycling theme and as part of it I filmed a dear old 93 year old gentleman who was in the RAF and rode Indians. He talks of having been in Jerusalem, amongst other places in North Africa, and may well have been at this base.

I also note with interest from the photo of the parade that at that time the bikes seem to have been painted in camouflage just like the planes and that the RAF roundel looks to have been divided across it's diameter with darker tones on the opposing side of it - no doubt to make the rider and machine less of a target!!

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It's a theory Philip. But with B&W pictures it's hard to tell. But I stick with my theory that since the war is probably over, they just repainted the left tank in shiny RAF blue/grey. As a token to reverting back to their own colours. The war had decreed that RAF vehicles should be in service green or brown.  Ron 

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I did wondered if their strange riding position habit was to try and replicate the riding position of the Indian's and Harley's that they were more used to? But seeing that 741 rider has got me beat!

But a piece of sorbo rubber on the tank did give them the facility to carry two Dutch lady passengers at once.   Ron   

Scan_20201108 (2).jpg


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1 hour ago, welbike said:

  re. Indian controls, there was a batch of 50 modified with Norton bars and controls, but never seen one, or a picture.


And I've often wondered what that might have been like and what the Hell difference it would have made??




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