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Triumph 3HW: Chaincase question...

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Can anyone confirm the length of the spacer that goes inside the primary chain case?  (see pic)


For some reason, everything looks right but when I fit my chain case cover over top there is about a 1/8 gap between the cases... when I take the spacer out to see if the chain case cover fits it is a perfectly flush.  I am thinking this spacer is about 1/8" too long... or there is some sort of 1/8" cork gasket that goes between the chain case cover and the chain case.


Any advice would be appreciated.



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I can't measure mine now but it looks the same. I wonder if your outer case is dented in a bit. I expect if you put the screws in all the way round and gradually tighten them it will pull it in to shape, Especially when a cork gasket is in place. I bought my gasket from Brian Tillin . Ron

3HW 227.jpg

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