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Ageing new repro kit


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Had a search and couldn't find any thread on this subject .

I'm not a re enactor but do feel as a vehicle owner and also often riding /driving other peoples vehicles it is only fair to try and look the part for those who like to take photo's etc.

Question is how do people age their new kit ? In our case often purchased from SOF. and looking way too new and shiny .

For example my long suffering wife has a pair of new buckle boots that look too bright and new in their almost yellow suede . Some say to dubbin them but do you just put clear dubbin on to the rough out leather or what do you do ?

Often running the vehicle is enough of a drain on the owners pocket so original uniform is both out their price range and often in my case size range ;-) ...were they really all midgets ;-)

Just thought I can't be alone in wanting to make stuff look worn and used without having to sleep in a ditch for several weeks .

Idea's ....tips  and thoughts welcome .

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Why bother to age? The equipment and uniforms worn then were not aged either, but they will when worn regularly. If you want to look period-correct they shouldn't look as if they are 75 years old.


As for dubbing, you could try the original stuff in the round, grey can or  a few coats of brown shoepolish followed by lots of coats of clear or brown dubbing.

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Quikest way to age and stain Suede. Rub with a cloth soacked in vegtable oil, be warned though, irreversable.  But as already mentioned. If something got torn or worn out, you went to stores and got it replaced , rather than be bawled out by the CSM as scruffy looking sod. As the old Stores man saying goes. 'If it fits, bring it back and we'll change it'. 

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Buckle boots were supposed to be treated IIRC.

Use stuff to waterproof leather and apply several times over a week or so.

It should darken and it makes it water resistant-ish. And as said, just use them, it also helps getting used to them.

The same for uniform (using that is, no bootgrease offcourse). 

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Thank you for the comments and advice .

Don't want to make kit look worn out , just worn ;-) .

I've pretty much achieved that with my HBT tankers overalls as they are now liberally coated in oil , mud and diesel from laying under tanks at Mons and A&E .

Jacqui's buckle boots just look way too new and thought I would seek advice here rather than go it alone and "age" them and then get my wife's displeasure ...... 

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