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MK3 Covenanter restoration


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19 minutes ago, mogmaner said:

This may be a stupid question ,when building engines how many parts are taken from there 6 cylinder range ,The manifolds look very much like the ones on the Meadows powers pioneers?

Meadows powered Pioneers? They were Gardner powered. The Meadows petrol engine in the Explorer was actually a converted diesel engine.

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we haven't done any work on the tank for quite a while but this doesn't mean we have been idle. 
the engine was removed and has been with the engine specialist for assessment as to whether it would be viable to restore it to running condition and it looks like we got lucky, although it will require a rebore and new rings we should be able to use the original pistons. 
the bottom end hasn't been checked over yet but visually it too looked to be very good. 
we're a long way off from running it but things are looking good so far 1f642.png:)


IMG_0281 (1).JPG




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Nothing new to report, the restoration is on hold until I get the time to do it. Although I am still acquiring the odd part and the engine is still with the specialist in leeds but like me he is busy until autumn.

I got some spare parts from new Zealand a while ago and will put up some pics once I go through them

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