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MK3 Covenanter restoration

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As many of you know in january this year i travelled down to dorking to find a covenanter that was buried there in 1943, the full story is in the "dorking covenanter recovery" thread. the tank is now back in my yard in manchester where it will be restored to running condition hopefully or failing that a static cosmetic resto. 

we did a bit of work on saturday to clear out 3 tons of chalk and make an assessment of the damage caused by it's wartime usage as a training aide for tank demolition. i was hoping some of the damage would polish out with a bit of T cut but that seems unlikely now i can see it more clearly, however i always like a challenge :) 






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engine is now with the specialist. i'll be keeping my fingers crossed

wheels have been bought. thanks for the tip

we haven't done any work on the tank for quite a while but this doesn't mean we have been idle.  the engine was removed and has been with the engine specialist for assessment as to whether it would

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thankfully the turret basket floor has survived quite well considering the damage done to the armour plate nearby. 

it is standard british construction using plymax which is a 3/4" ply sheet sandwiched between thin steel sheet with the edges folded and soldered to give a water tight finish



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thanks richard i remember you mentioning the gearbox and although with some work i think mine would be repairable i'd much rather spend the money and buy one i know will be good.

could you please message me with the sellers details. cheers 

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we've had a couple of days on the gearbox and engine this week. The gearbox has been cleaned and filled with old engine oil and diesel and will be left to soak until we're ready to refurb it properely. it was in remarkable condition and looks usable





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we also removed the clutch and scirocco fan. the fan blades have seen better days but will be ok once the blades have been changed. the clutch has surface rust and some of the pressure spring cups will need repairing or replacing due to rust but i'm happy with friction and pressure plates. 
remarkably the release bearing was still full grease and turns freely!





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