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2 hours ago, Tony B said:

Mine for the two Dodges is below your minimum quote. That's with  Premium Choice the one advetised on the masthead here, . They do added discount for HMVF members. 

Thanks Tony. I'll give them a call tomorrow.

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You may wish to try 4 Counties - http://www.4counties.co.uk/#  I believe their underwriters are KGM at Llyod's.  You may wish to enquire about the underwriter's requirement to name any additional drivers with whichever broker you talk to.

One thing I discovered a few years back:

I was with a broker who used a specific (very good) underwriter, but who then started upping the premiums.  When I shopped around for cover with brokers using the same underwriter I discovered I could not get a quote from any broker using that same underwriter.  This resulted in a change of underwriter in order to achieve a satisfactory premium from another broker.  You can then at the next renewal get a quote from other brokers who use your preferred underwriter.  Nothing is simple anymore - a bit like utility suppliers!

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Hi diggerdog, just seen this and as pointed out no claims doesn't come in to it. You do however, need a 'daily' to get a classic policy. Don't know where you're planning on keeping a GMC but my son has one and we saw the premium go up when he brought it home from storage just outside of Ponteland, my Dodge insurance has shot up this year as well and when I queried it I was told that there's been a re-assessment of our postcode >:( call in sometime if you want a chat or advice, you know where I am


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