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Ok guys, 


I’m looking to fly over to the UK in late March and spend two weeks there and in France. This will be my first time traveling abroad. Any places I should visit? I will be renting a motorcycle and tossing my bags on it. 

Will need to meet up with some people and see some vehicles. I’m a former USMC, current US army guy. 

Buuut I’ve got some questions for you guys if you don’t mind. 




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SO get on your bike and hit the road to Bovington, even though I think its a tad boring, you can spend a day there if you really try,  on the way back you visit the Naval Air museum at  Yeovilton, good half day visit,  perhaps take a lunch and make it a full day...then portsmouth, see notes below, and finally go to the Imperial war museum, in London, its really good at the moment.  Spend a few days in london seeing the sights...then hit the road and head for the IMW other half at Duxford.  easly a full day here...  then its a nice ride across country to RAF Cosford, it is a fasinating place and I COULD SPEND AT least 2 days here,  and well worth the trip just to see the TSR 2 and the BAC 188... If you do Portsmouth historic dockyard you will see the warrior, the Victory and the Mary rose, what is left of her, plus plenty of history and visit the workshops, all very interesting but not really more than a days visit pushing it and reading everything you can see...

Can I add a word of warning, please  be very careful if you have never driven a bike on the right side of the road, the LEFT before.  On a bike you have no references and you will try to ride on the wrong side of the road the right all too easily when your not thinking for a split second and then its too late...  Sign posts are placed differently in the UK,  basic rights aof way are different and we have round abouts, you do not have right of way when turning right on red lights as you do when turning left on some red lights in the US.  Drivers will not see you so do give them time to see you, always drive with your headlight on main beam, it may annoy people but at least they see you...you can filter through traffic but be very very careful, car drivers simply dont expect bikers and so consequently change lanes without a thought...

you know you have to wear a helmet but I truly recommend full leathers.

Beyond these museums thee are loads of other things to see and do all depends on your interests and the time you have...


might even join you at some of the locations...


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I'd suggest Bovington, Duxford, Churchill War Rooms and Dover Castle.

Plenty of naval history in Portsmouth, as has been said, and there's the D-day museum over in Gosport.

Bovington - the worlds largest collection of tanks, and the only place you can see many of them.  

Duxford - a ww1/ww2 airfield, Monty's tank and command caravan, loads of vehicles and probably the best collection of military aircraft in the world.  Also the home of the american air museum.  More than can be done in 1 day.  If you stop over there's also Madingley cemetery to pay respects, and the Shuttleworth collection (vintage vehicles and the early days of flight)

Churchill war rooms - Churchills command bunker.  Tie it in with the toursity bits in London, as it's right in the heart near Downing street, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc.  Also try for HMS Belfast - a ww2 battleship (Town class cruiser, next to tower bridge), The Tower of London, etc.

Dover Castle - a medievel castle, and also home to the maritime command bunkers where the Dunkirk evacuation was planned/commanded and an underground hospital.

Of the lot, the one I'd not miss out on would be the Churchill war rooms - seeing the map on which almost the whole of the ww2 allied effort was run from, covered in millions of tiny pin holes in patterns for the fronts and shipping/supply columns, is utterly fascinating.  Also Churchill's toilet (actually the hotline to the US).  It's not a full day though, so you can plan other things.





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If you come in May you will swap cold for wet! In recent years April which is supposed to be the rainy month in the UK has been dry and warm, wheras May when the vehicle show season starts is often wet - at the first sight of a green military vehicle it seems the heavens want to open!

Obviously I'm speaking as a vehicle owner in South East England - wheras people up north have seasons that differ from where I am, and sometimes they have all four seasons in one day. We had snow for a day in London which is shocking!

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The rain gets above freezing in June and July, almost tepid in August! xD As stated Snowflake in London! Panic in the streets! Transport Chaos! Panic buying of food!. Oh sorry that was just Christmas. :/ Better towards end of May though, you could even get to Jersey for the May 9th Liberation Day!  Try Fort Nelson, Explosion and the RN Submarine musuem. You can do those in a busy day as they are all in Portsmouth and Southsea. You GOT to see the Mary Rose and HMS Warrior they are things if you miss you'l spend the rest of your life regretting! Oh and the submarine museum, that has the reamins of what some dammed Irish American by the name of Holland produced, paid for the by Sinn Fein to attack the Royal Navy! However when he got a bit free with Sinn Fein's cash they had a falling out. So Holland up sticks and sold his submarine to the Royal Navy. Holland 1 was raised after it sunk whilst being towed to scrap and is now on display. You would NOT get me down in that thing! Chatham Historic Dockyard should also go on the consider list. 

Another odd little thought, US Marine and naval issue Zippo's! Very good for bribing Jack and the bootnecks. An old Royal Navy custom is to get the crews of US Warships as Tierd as a Newt (ie paraliticly drunk) then nick Zippos. Ah wondeful traditions! 

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Sorry for the lack of replies mates, been busy with army work. Flying out on the 22nd. Hitting up Paris, London, and bovington. 

I have a lady friend who will be occupying most if not all of my time so I’ll be busy. 

Bollocks, guess I gotta come back another time ya wankers!

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My trip was a success y’all. Went to IWM duxford, Paris, sandringham, burleigh House,  poppies fish and chips down town, the London eye, and had a blast downtown and in Paris. 

I wasn’t able to make war and peace this year but I will do my best to make it next year!

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