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home Office consultation on Offensive Weapons


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Just realised there is a section for regulations... Sorry for putting this in the wrong section!


For us Brits, there is a Home Office consultation on outlawing the possession of "offensive weapons" in a private place. This mightn’t affect all of us, and the list of affected weapons is Here [gov.uk]. The consultation also includes various proposals relating to civilian possession of .50cal weapons etc.

There is an exception for items over 100 years old, but there are many younger items such as the inter-war Robbins-Dudley type devices, etc that will not be excepted from the proposed ban. I'm not a knife enthusiast myself, but I've been given several of these things that I'd suggest definitely are relevant to the Second Word War combat scene, and I think it'd be wrong for this aspect of our history to disappear because of the unpleasant connotations that are rightly associated with it.

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being an idiot and not finding the right section
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