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Leopard 1 wiring diagrams?


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We have some Leopard tanks and various manuals for them but the manuals don't include wiring diagrams, which is making troubleshooting difficult since we have one that is tripping a breaker, probably due to a shorted glow plug, and won't crank, and one that is starting, running for a few minutes, and then shutting down, we think because of an electrical problem. 

Are wiring manuals available anywhere?

Thanks, Malcolm

Ontario Regiment Museum 

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Well, Robin, going to KMW is certainly going to the source! In lieu of that, I've emailed Panzerfarm in Poland who supplied 2 of the Leopards to see if they have wiring diagrams. And maybe your source will come through. 

We've figured out the problem with the shorted glow plugs by disconnecting the 24V supply to the glow plugs. This now prevents a circuit breaker from  tripping while cranking the engine and killing the start signal to the starter solenoid. Now it fires right up despite there being no glow plug preheat. We'll see how this works when the weather gets colder. 

The other Leopard run problem may be due to a feature where the engine is automatically shutdown if the coolant level gets very low or the oil pressure drops below 1 bar. May be legit. May be a bad sensor. Further investigation will tell.

All the wiring has white braided insulation on it with wire numbers printed on it every few inches, which is a really nice touch.  For example, the 24V supply to the two glow plugs banks is wire number 241-1. Having diagrams that show these wire numbers would be very helpful. 



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Understand the direction you are going and why you want a good diagram.

I suspected you would remove power until the problem went away to prove the glow plug problem.

Sounds like the designers took care to safeguard the vehicle from various faults, nice touch, but aggravating in getting it going for you. Now you folks have ties with Bovington do they have manuals for theirs that they might share? What about the life cycle manager at DND, have you reached out that way at all?


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