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Fv721 fox

Jeff Yost


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I am going to ask all the stupid questions to you so we can eliminate some causes.


Have you first paraded your vehicle? Was the coolant level up?

Was the Oil level up?

Was the fan belt to the blower volute bevel box in place?

Do you have a manual

Where in the world are you located?

What is your ambient air temperature?

What altitude are you operating at?

What mix of coolant to water are you using?

What gear are you driving in at what speed?

How long have you owned the vehicle?

Has it ever run at the normal operating temperature, ever?




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If the rads have tested ok, then  its one of 4 things;

lack of coolant-fill header to brim and bleed air out with engine running at temperature.

coolant flow insufficient-water pump/drive belt/coolant passage blockage

Insufficient cooling air flow through rads-rads fins blocking air flow? fan moving enough air? all plates fitted ?

headgasket failure- run on fast idle with header tank cap open   and filled to brim-are bubbles/coolant  coming out on hard acceleration?


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31 minutes ago, Jeff Yost said:

Have not tried all suggestions.



just looking at the photo you posted. The silencer / muffler looks like it could be reproduced item. If it is not made correctly inside it could create back pressure and the restriction will cause overheating. Can you confirm if it is a copied part?

regards, Richard

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