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Martian p/s filter and quick release fitting from tank


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As above looking for Martian p/s filter and quick release (Avery ?) coupling from p/s tank

cheers Chris



I am wondering if that filter is the same as a Saracen, also the Avery couplings are on them as well. I would call Richard Banister to see if he can help (01797 253211). I think I might have a Martian parts list, somewhere if you do not know the part numbers.



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Chris, filter complete is LV6/MT1/AU/LK/30319, element only LV6/MT9/AU/LK/MF56A. The Avery coupling complete is LV6/MT9/AU/LK/AVA51E, LV6/MT9/AU/LK/AVA54E is the bottom half and the top part that fits to the tank is LV6/MT9/AU/LK/AVA1153E, the aluminium union that holds them together is LV6/MT9/AU/LK/AVA62E. I've not found an old tank yet with a top coupling that reseals, though the bottom half of the coupling always seem ok. Bottom connectors also available at Green Machine Surplus.


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