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Military CJ5 jeep

Skint George

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1970 military jeep for sale.

It has a full MOT and NO advisories.

Free historic tax,

The side curtains were replaced with a John and Mary W set and the old set are included with the spares coming with the jeep.

The jeep also has the sought after vented windscreen, basically, an inner opening windscreen like the original MB/GPW jeeps.

The jeep had an agreed insurance value last year of £8500 and lots has been done since then.

I have reduced the price for a quick sale.

A fair price for this jeep is £7500 but I am Open to reasonable offers.

I would consider swapping for a Vauxhall Viraro Combi van or the Renault/Nissan versions.

Please e-mail georgelvl@outlook.com or call mobile 07716694255 after six.

Come on, make me a decent offer my next project is waiting!








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