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Austin K2 leaf spring pins.

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I am looking for a set of spring pins as pictured,can anyone help me with a set or suggest a likely source please.


Set of (6) Front spring pins - Austin part number - IK 5048

Set of (6) Rear spring pins - Austin part number - IK 5046


These parts are needed for the K2 Ambulance but were also fitted to the K2 lorry military and civilian. They were also fitted to other Austins 1930s to 1950s in different combinations.


Any help would be gratefully received,thanks in advance.




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If you have good patterns any descent engineers should be able to run them up.

We get pins made all the time here by local company,

Where you located? U.K.?



Thanks Hoseman,


I have the pins as pictured as patterns and would be interested in the cost of having a set made. I'd always assumed that with the hardening added to the cost of manufacture it would be prohibitive and that there must be someone with a box of NOS items on the shelf.


Any idea then of the cost of getting these made with your people please ?

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Sorry no ideas.

Best take to a local place. Lot like doing cash jobs too if you mention that it's cash, no receipt. Makes difference in price too!

They can be made from whatever hardness material you like or just case hardened is easy.l

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Those pins look to be very similar to the spring pins on my Morris CS8


The plain pins look to be around 3/4" . Do a google search for 'leaf spring pins' and you will find many suppliers of truck spring pins. The new plain pins , if you find they are too long, just cut them down to length , easy fix. There is no need to get them made .


The thinner ones are probably 9/16" , you may get lucky and find a supplier of vintage chassis components .


There was a chap in the UK with old stock Morris Commercial parts , he had spring pins .


This place may help http://www.owensprings.co.uk/accessories/shackle-pins-bolts/

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