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Types Of GMC Workshop Bodies

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Hi all, got some questions to do with GMC workshop bodies, I have noticed there seems to be two types. One has six windows on each side, the two rear doors are different sizes and has a straight edge to the bottom sides from front to back above the twin rear wheels. The other only has three windows each side, the two rear doors are the same size, a more curved roof, a recess for the twin rear wheels.


What is the intended use of both and as they are both the same size why two different body types ?

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I could be wrong - frequently am ! But I'm pretty sure that Howard wade had one of these bodies in his yard some time ago . He may have some photographs , could be worth messaging him to see if he can help with info . Think there was one in the yard at Tey Restorations last time I visited , might be worth having a word with them too .

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Yes quite right i do have one here, and there were actually 3 types of body there was a radio body that had a side entrance doors, see if i can dig out some pics, I only know of one of those bodys and its in Suffolk. The 3 window as NOS has said is the post war version built by the Swiss. Hope this helps.



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On 8/21/2017 at 4:20 PM, R Cubed said:

Ah ok, so does anyone have any pics of the construction of how they are put together mainly the construction of the side walls ?

If you look here; one of the WW2 variety was listed on fleabay last week. Due to the level of delapidation the pictures reveal the usually hidden internal construction. You might be able to view the item but I suspect as it has been pulled it has changed hands. NOTE; This link sends you to a suggested alternative item but there is a link to the original listing or alternatively search for "WW2 GMC Workshop Body" then look in the completed items bit!


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