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Restoration Awards

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Greetings all


I am the Awards Administrator for the Transport Trust, and each year the Trust makes financial awards to worthy restorations. These vary in value but are generally somewhere between £500 and £3000 and in addition winners are invited to Brooklands (or a similar location) to be presented their awards by HRH Prince Michael of Kent, who is the Trust's Patron.


Feedback from previous winners suggests that not only is the financial award worth having, but the morale boost from getting recognition for their efforts has been much valued.


There were no military vehicles entered in 2016, yet there is a lively restoration world out there.


The general criteria are covered on the Trust website http://www.transporttrust.com/awards and this year the Trust has introduced a much easier on line application process




Once an application is made then you will be invited to forward a few pictures, thereafter the project (and the applicant) will be visited by a member of the Trust who will compile a short report (all very painless). This will then be submitted to the Awards Panel who sit in the early New Year; winners will be announced shortly after and cheques posted; the main award ceremony normally takes place in June.


As well as the Restoration Awards the Trust recognises the work of individuals with Awards such as Preservationist of the Year, Young Preservationist of the Year and Lifetime Achievements Awards.


The astonishing thing is that applicants do not even have to be members of the Trust (although where the worth of projects is similar preference will be given to those with Trust membership.


So ......


What are you waiting for?

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You would not be the first person to say that, but every year the Trust hands out tens of thousands of pounds. Hopefully the easy format of the online application will encourage people to have a go - as long as your project broadly meets the criteria then it stands as good a chance as any.


The last Military vehicle to win an award was two years ago and was a very nice little Bedford OY.


My strong advice is to have a look at the criteria, and if your project seems to fit the bill, then go for it!

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