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Vintage & antique machine tools


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There's a second hand machinery shop near me, if all else fails! Such delights as imperial thread files and all sorts of odd bits. Makes you apreaciate when men worked machinery to build things, not just downloading a computer proggrame and pushing buttons.

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That's a eclectic bunch of vintage machinery !


I have a few machine tools but not as old as that lot .


A Parkson milling machine from wartime with its Ministry of Supply badge



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Collecting machine tools is somewhat addictive . Dont ask me how I know this !


Joining the flat belts, there is more than one way to skin a cat


I lace the belts together using this method in the pic. I use high strength braided fishing line . The metal method: the links go clunk clunk each time it goes around the cone pullies. The lacing method is smooth , no noise at all.


belt splice2.jpg

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What is the problem with the thread? We don't delete threads without a good reason..


It seemed to me that the originator had momentary forgotten about all those Bedford type lorries mounted with a Atlas or more frequently Hiab loader ,,

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