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AEC Militant MKI (1966)


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38EP19 Done very well at the Portrush Military vehicle Show, our first show and we managed to secure the "Chairman's Cup" for best vehicle. Happy Days and a great start.


Anyone help out with the AEC Militant MKI (1966) wheels below? One wheel has 20 split rim nuts and the other 24 split rim nuts, everything else is fine. Was wondering if the wheels are from a different vehicle or did the Mil change design of the wheels from original spec. The spare wheel also has 20 split rim nuts, which leaves me to think that the 24 split rim nut wheel may have been an original spare wheel. What think ye?








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Congratulations on the trophy. I've never noticed a difference in the number of split rim nuts on mine, but the timber tractor has a variety of types. Most have a captive head bolt, but one has hexagon head bolts welded on and one wheel , now the spare, is obviously made by a different manufacturer as it is completely different. Just off to the tanker now, I'll have a look and see what she has got

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Pleased to say Tanker has a matching set, unlike the Timber Tractor.




If you look at the rim edge, where the arrows are, you'll see one is curved and the other is a square edge. Square edge one has hexagon bead bolts rather than the more normal captive head ones. Must be by different manufacturers or something.

Different Wheels.jpg

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Steel wheels, heavy! not that I weighed them but I am told they are 70kgs in weight, I did try to buy a spare one on flee bay, and I was told to sort my own delivery or collect in person, estimated cost was a 3 figured sum from some of the leading delivery firms. I am looking for one or two nearer to home for collection in person.

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