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"Snoopy verses the Red Baron" - My daughter's third model build

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After completing her stunning Photo Recon Spitfire PR.1G diorama ( sold recently with profits going towards some new Lego ), we embarked on her new project - Snoopy verses the Red Baron. This was inspired by a display by the Real Aeroplane Company Triplane at Breighton Airfield in the Summer of 2016.


The Revell model was purchased in February 2017, with the plan to build the aircraft kit and scratch build Snoopy and his kennel.




Painting small parts was the first stage along with painting some of the wings, as once assembled, it would be harder to get a brush into all the corners.






Decals followed and the Triplane was complete by early June



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Snoopy started out as a block of modelling resin and a printed picture to work from.




I cut the basic shape out on the band saw, and then we both worked with hand tools on the body parts; my daughter working on his head while I worked on his body and legs.






There was lots of work with needle files and sandpaper, and lots of guidance to keep her on the right path.



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Milliput epoxy putty was used to build up the details on Snoopy.




More 1/16 plywood was cut and stained for the kennel roof.






Snoopy's scarf, arms and tail had a copper wire core to reinforce the Milliput. I did most of the work on these areas due to the fiddly nature of the parts and my daughter's lack of experience scratch building. After all, it is only her third model.



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Today was final assembly day. The kennel and Triplane both used M3 threaded rod to mount them into the picture frame.






Once the background picture was drilled for the model mounting bolts, it was nailed onto the back of the 3D picture frame.




Snoopy was attached first.



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The Triplane is now mounted.




The mounting bolt for the Triplane was painted white and yellow to blend with the background picture.




Before the frame was properly screwed together with the glass, we took some photos of the completed model, so we didn't have to deal with reflections in the glass. The proud builder was very happy with the finished result.




A close up of the finished diorama/picture.




With the glass fitted, six months after starting the project, Snoopy was hung on her bedroom wall!




It has been a very enjoyable fun project, with not too many difficult details in the model, but some new challenges with the scratch building.

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