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Hi. Many thanks for your thoughts about the Albion, yes it has been a slow slog but getting there.    I hope to have it going to displays - fingers crossed - next year, but at 8 miles per gallon could be on the back of a low loader.

Paul Burns.


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Hi. Update photo's of the Albion  The rear marker light fitted with new bracket . I measured off the works photo and with a piece of cardboard made up the bracket. I did fix it behind the re

Hi. Sorry for the delay in replying but first of all - message to Old Git about photos - will sort it out asap. Next XS650. Manty thanks for your interest about the Albion and have put toget

Hi. It was about time for a Autumn update. Chassis. After I put a shelf  between the chassis for holding down the oars, I did a quick check to see how the oars would fit. I found that t

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Great thread and has answered a few questions for me re the setup of the winches etc. Any chance of fixing the broken links to some of the photos on pages 1 and 2, or failing that could I ask for them to be emailed to me for private research?

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Great restoration. So nice to see a Brit rarity rescued from the dead.

Could you tell me what year it is? And do you know the years of the BY1 and BY3 production?

Questions questions!

I have seen many photos of them  with the BEF, usually wrecked in France.

So wonder what model they had in 1940.

Some made it to Dunkirk beaches where their boats were of some use. They are seen near the 'lorry piers' which were constructed by the R.E. 's. Pic below is a Dunkirk lorry pier  with possibly a folding boat .

I will see if I have any Albion F.B.E  pics



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Sorry for the delay in replying but first of all - message to Old Git about photos - will sort it out asap.

Next XS650. Manty thanks for your interest about the Albion and have put together a brief history.

BY1  Chassis:   Order placed by the War Office to Albion Motors  for delivery from 1937 - 1940.    These were used for G.S trucks, Bridging Equipment, Pontoon Body, Trestle/Sliding Bay Units and Small Box  Girder Bridge.

Fitted with Albion engines EN214/215 - Petrol 4 cyl, capacity 3.89 litres.

Chassis Start Number 52000A .

BY3 Chassis:  Order placed  by the War Office for 1940 - 1941.  Use as above.

Fitted with Albion Engine EN278 - Petrol 6  cyl, capacity4.25 litres.

Chassis Start Number 52200A.

BY5 Chassis: Order placed by War Office for 1941 - 1945.  Folding Boat Body and G.S Body. 

Fitted with Albion Engine EN280 - Petrol 6 cyl, capacity 4.56 litres.

Chassis Start Number 52450A.

BY7:  Future design only one ,but unable to find any info on it.

Chassis Start Number: 52600A.

My Albion was part of a  contract number V 5103 - Date 21/03/1942 for 800 vehicles for delivery from 6/8/1943  with 50 vehicles ready for collection  a month.  The order was for 170 F.BE, 225 Pontoon, 123 S.B.G, 231 G.S ,7 Derrick, 22 Wireless, 22 Bridge Track and 261 not yet allocated.

The Contract order was changed on 16/05/1944 for 329 F.B.E and 471 G.S.

Both the two types of bodies were to be supplied and fitted by Weymann Motor Bodies in Addlestone, Surrey.

Lorry Numbers for F.B.E - L 5332821 - 5333149 and for the G.S - L 5333150 - 5333620.

And 18YX66 was sold off from C.V.D ASHCHURCH on 25/08/1959.

Hope this is of some interest to you and if you have or find any BY5's in service then please let me know.


Paul Burns.

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Paul , great information thanks, my big interest is BEF vehicles so if I am reading  right only the later BY5 carried Folding Boat Equipment. Therefore the BEF of 1940 would not have  FBE  trucks?

Fancy Albion having a different engine in each  subsequent variant  over such a short period , what a nightmare for spares stock!




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Just to keep your interest the Contracted  Price of each Albion of the 329 order was - chassis £1080 each and the cab £68 each. Then there was extra costs of £62.12s.10d , so add that all up and you can see what it cost the War Office - you still had to add the cost of the body supplied and fitted by Weymann Motor Bodies.

The BY1/3 were a bit like first world war lorries - archaic - they had the standard WD pattern open cab with a canvas folding hood and side screens. The hood was attched via straps to the front mud guards.

The BY5  had a full metal and glass windscreen where the other marks didn't, but still had a folding roof and side screens.

The BY1 engine had a bore of 3.3/4" and a stroke 5.3/8" - 4 cyl

BY3 engine had a bore of 3.1/2" and a stroke 4.1/2" - 6 cylinders.

BY5 engine had a bore of 3.5/8" and a stroke 4.1/2" - 6 cylinders.

Albion just updated the design with the change of the shape of the rad and a more powerful engine to haul the lorry and a trailer when fitted. Also the high and low gear box was a help when driving over rough ground.

To answer your question, the BY1/BY3  did have Folding Boat Equipment but the design of the bodywork is totally different to the BY5 and was one on the many improvements.

I can assure you it's a nightmare now trying to get spare parts for it.


Paul Burns


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