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chieftain AVRE

adam best

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I can remember having to modify them only too well. The first ones used a landrover prop shaft to provide drive to the PTO. We kept having to repair them as they were just not strong enough. We came up with the idea of using a prop shaft from an M1 rig which did the trick. Another weakness was the winch minted on the T-piece at the back. Used to go through loads of bits for that as there was no PVRV setup so if the load got too much it just blew a connection.

Hapoy days indeed.

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​the plan is to convert it back to a mbt in time


Gun tanks are ten a penny, if it proves to be a Willich (or even a Sankey conversion) keep it as a rare engineering vehicle - much more interesting....


See the Range wreck thread - theres a series of photos of the Lulworth targets (or potential targets from 2010) largely compromised of AVRE's...

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