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Cheers Clive. I couldn't find the thread so off to Google and Wikipedia :-D


It has been around the MV scene in South of England for many years, think the story behind it was that it is a "one off" conversion of a Humber Heavy Utility done in North Africa by REME. I stand to be corrected as it is a long time since I first heard the story.

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It has been around the MV scene in South of England for many years, think the story behind it was that it is a "one off" conversion of a Humber Heavy Utility done in North Africa by REME. I stand to be corrected as it is a long time since I first heard the story.


Yes, that is what I heard as well. The conversion work was very professionally done. The owner is a forum member so he might wish to comment when he gets back from W&P.

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Up until recently was owned by Terry Paskins, here it is http://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p938759029/h148FE596#h148fe596


I remember I found some correspondence in an early edition of Soldier I think it was suggested such a thing was a one-off, but the correspondent stated I think there may been as many as six of these done by various REME units around the place. It included a picture of one smashed in an RTA in Austria. I posted the picture, I'll see if I can retrieve it from Photobucket.

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"at the back of beyond" Not a lot of the public ventured down our way


Steve, that's exactly the reason we like camping down that end of the show site! We do make an effort to cam up our gazebo and caravan, but given that we camp with a brightly coloured truck on display it is almost pointless. More to appease the organisers and other exhibitors. Unfortunately you'll never get away from having "civvy" stuff on site, and its nigh on impossible to police at a show that size.

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We arrived on Saturday, so WELL in time to find America's field basically full and set up along the fence next to the public camping. A Official lady came over to say we had to move because it was meant for the catering. She was very helpful and walked with us to find a space. We met a man (Marcel) who knew our friend and he guided us to the only spot left and gave some of his spot also, very nice of him.


Still its very annoying to see empty spaces all fenced of till the end of the show, why not op[en them if a friend doesn't turn up?.


Despite the weather I had a good show meeting a lot of forum members like Chris (thanks for the Scimitar ride!), David I, David M., Steve and Julie, Bernard, Ian, Adrian and probably lots more but with my buggered memoryits hard to recall.

There are rumours Jack made a appearance but didn't see him.


Bruce Crompton asked to get his photo taken with me which I gracially allowed him to.:-D


We met jeff Haward MM, a friend of my brother and Dunkirk veteran who turned 98! on the Friday.

Also met up with our dear friend Joe Hoadley,94 years old, 49th Recce.


All in all I am glad its back at the hop farm, it seemed a lot of the good atmosphere of old was back including the mud but missed the dust.

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Well I hope the organisers read this Forum, as it is very worrying to hear that MV owners who have turned up well before most of us, have found no place to pitch. The organisers need to ask more questions regarding what we propose to bring and what we will be offering as a display, so if I bring my Lwt Land Rover and 9x9 I only need a smallish slot with a reasonable gap between me and the next owners tent, so as not to hear everything they are doing in it!


WPR Marshalls need to go round and ask exactly why such areas have been fenced off and check the details against the list of vehicles booked in. I wouldn't ask my mates to fence of a patch of ground on the basis I may turm up Monday or perhaps Friday or not at all if it looks like it might rain and even if someone was to save a spot for me I wouldn't expect my pitch to be preserved more than a day.


Come to think of it the best way is not to allow any pitch to be marked off unless a Pitch Marshall in each field gives out a chit to say it has been WPR approved and have the power to rescind it for 'non-appearance'.

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I think minimising intervention by Marshalls in allocating space is a good thing for both the Marshalls and exhibitors. Maybe it needs more awareness to be created to self-police the areas staked out and request everyone to create some space as they set up and make room for later-comers. The more that can be accomplished by willing cooperation rather than regulation, the better. I was very grateful that Richard Farrant made room for me or I would have joined the unhappy band touring the site. In the past, the big Medway field was available for the overflow......this time round I think that was not an option?

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I went down the Friday before the show to unload the Scimitar and mark out a space. Due to a delayed departure we didn't get down there until about 4pm, I think we managed to claim the last pitch in the Americas field which was just about large enough for our stuff. We had 2 CVRTs, 3 Land Rovers and 2 trucks in the same amount of space as most people had a Jeep and a caravan.


I think they need to turn Americas field back into green camping, most visitors walking into the field were met with a load of cars and caravans which might make them turn around rather than exploring the rest of the field where there were a good number of interesting vehicles.


Toilets in the Americas field were terrible. This seems like a backwards step, if the organisers had kept the same kind of trailer based toilets as had been present in previous years nobody would have had anything to moan about. As it is I now read more complains about toilets on here and on Facebook than anything else, which seems a shame as the show was good otherwise and this has been solved in the past. The main toilet blocks were well maintained and worth the extra walk, although for some people this could be a considerable extra walk! Shower pods were very good, always had hot water although there is a technique to ensuring your clothes do not join you in the shower... take a plastic bag to put them in!


I enjoyed the atmosphere, especially the after hours drives around the showground. We took the CVRTs out a few nights and it was great to see the other traffic consisting of Shermans, FV432s and a convoy of WW2 German vehicles among others. This is the kind of thing that was missing at Folkestone and would not work there due to the poor layout.


Arena needs some work, hopefully with the off road driving school gone it will be back to normal next year.


Medway field was open and did have people camping in it. It is possible to get through into this field from the back of Americas field as well as down the road at the top of Monktons. There was a small car park in there and a few people camping, but it was mostly empty. I think moving all the caravans up to that field would address the complains about not enough space for actual MVs in some of the other fields.


Final comment is on the revised entry/exit to the show. My brother visited us most days, staying at a hotel in Tonbridge. One day it took him over 2 hours to get out of the car park. With 2 small children this is not really acceptable. In previous years there was a separate exhibitors entrance which made more sense, this needs addressing for next year as making everyone exit through the Hop Farm itself is a nighmare.


All in all not bad, but hopefully with a few improvements will be better next year. (We could do with less rain too please)

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I think the toilets might have been an attempt at a cheap solution. If so, it seems to have backfired spectacularly :-D


As a small party of MOP day trippers on Thursday, and having set off at 05.15 to be amongst the first 100 entrants onto the site at 9.00, we were kind of expecting a quick visit to the first public facilities at hand (through entrance, over concrete bridge and immediately on left) to be a relatively pleasant one. Oh come on - you have to be optimistic!


Anyway, the sight greeting me - and others investigating adjacent units at the same time - was more akin to the result of a Star Trek transporter malfunction than a ready-for-use facility, and of course no paper (fortunately I had anticipated this and prepared a back-up plan which did not involve the use of a £50 note). I'm sure some of the public visitors were horrified.


My point?


It doesn't matter what else the organiser achieved (btw site staff/marshalls were great) - if he cannot organise to at the very least have clean ready-for-use public facilities by the time the site opens each day, he has failed both public and campers.


It doesn't matter if the organiser gave specific instructions to the contractor to ensure facilities were kept in usable condition and that it is in fact the contractor who has let him down big time, it is the organiser who has failed both public and campers.


Did it spoil my day out? Of course not! Enthusiasm and friendship within the MV hobby far outweighs that.


There was mention of an expert / professional advisor on portable toilet provision who came up with a recommended quantity of units? FFS - I'm sure those with working knowledge of this unique event can work out for themselves better than any expert what is required - but unless WPR spends the money to provide it then the situation will not improve.


Is the organiser determined enough to do and pay what it takes to crack this issue for the next show?


Whoever would not be prepared to pay a fair bit more to cover whatever it costs to ensure decent facilities when staying at this event?


To sum it up bluntly:


Never mind about organising a 'p!ss-up in a brewery', on this occasion it seems WPR could not even organise for me to have a xxxx in a xxxxxx :rotfl:


P.S. What really annoys me is that I was so incensed that I too have got sucked into commenting about the W&P toilets :angry

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Can anyone confirm whether the portable shower pods had their own water supply in the big yellow bladders nearby? It certainly looked like it. In which case why cant they site some of them further afield... in a further field :)


I used these over the course of the week and other than draining issues which I would put down to excessive mud and not really anyone's fault, they worked very effectively with no discernible queue... but I shouldn't tell you all that you'll all want to use them next year ;)

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I agree with Tuggers shower comments, all good, but would like to point out one of our happy campers has a shower secret. While I was waiting for my daughter to come out of the showers, a chap walked up to a locked shower pod, looked left then right and then unlocked it and let himself in, from where I was stood (by the security van), I could see that it was empty to start with and that this was a way of never having to queue/wait !

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To quote (badly) from Black Adder, after being captured in WW1 the German Officer exclaimed to his RFC prisoners "that for us Germans going to the toilet is a bodily function but for you English it is part of your culture and the whole basis for your humour"

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Up until recently was owned by Terry Paskins, here it is http://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p938759029/h148FE596#h148fe596


I remember I found some correspondence in an early edition of Soldier I think it was suggested such a thing was a one-off, but the correspondent stated I think there may been as many as six of these done by various REME units around the place. It included a picture of one smashed in an RTA in Austria. I posted the picture, I'll see if I can retrieve it from Photobucket.


Very nice looking vehicle

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Hi All,


I was only able to come for a couple of days but, the return of the `Beltring` atmosphere - whilst less than before, was noticeable. So many good aspects outweighed the bad - which have already been discussed elsewhere.


So, in order to try and not replicate pics of vehicles covered elsewhere in this thread, here are a few of my images.




Steve 82





















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I arrived on the sat before the show.

Big queue to get in, but I did arrive early, but the security were stopping and talking to people as they entered the hop farm which in turn caused queues, which led to the roundabout being blocked on the main road!

Booking in was easy.

Went straight to the americas field which was full of roped off areas, there where only 2 spaces left, and my group were camped all hotch podg.

Shed loads of civvie tents and cars as you entered the americas field, and people were even camped on what should of been roadways.

The main reason americas field was so bad, imo, is because the twickenham off roaders were not marshalling this year and the field was a free for all. Some of the twickenham off roaders were camped in the field and they told me they had not been asked to marshall the field, which also meant no off road course, which was a shame as alot of people enjoy it.

No tank rides either.


Toilets in the americas field were a disgrace!

No flap portaloos and not enough of them, and all up by the entrance.

When you consider that every mv paid an extra £10 this year, as oppossed to £10 per group last year, this is a p*sstake.

There is no reason why each field cannot have good clean toilets and showers-same as we had at the racecourse.

I go to the dorset steam fair, which is held in a field with no permanent facilites, and yet they got it right, and the steam engines need alot of water. The steam fair is also free for mv's.


I was told the new owner was spoken to about the toilets, and his reply was 'if you don't like it, don't come'.


I did use the pod showers which were excellent, but spoilt by the fact that as you left the pod you stepped into a load of mud! Why were the showers not seated on plastic pallets?

On the last day, wood chipping were laid around the pods, but what good is it on the last day.


The living history was brilliant- really take my hat of to those guys.


My friend came for the 1st time in his mv and said he would not come again, I asked him why;

'its the only show that charges, the toilets are awful and the food stalls overpriced'.

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It was great to be back at the Hop Farm, but there are drastic improvements needed; as stated above.


The atmosphere was good, and some great stuff was happening, I can't fault that at all! Even the Russians driving around singing from there small truck constantly was a reminded or the Beltring of the past!


Toilets - Well, bloody awful. The nearest toilet to where I was in Monktons field was around a 10 minute walk. The block had shocking toilet units which were just a portal to hell - I do not wish to witness the last 50 people who have been in there! And toilet paper and hand sanitiser aren't hard to keep topped up. Come on War and Peace Revival! sort your drills out.


Driving - While War and Peace has always had a few issues, this time our site was plagued by teenagers in their parents vehicles trying their best to slide a Jeep all evening on the roadway! I did tell them what I thought of that as they passed me and nearly hit the toilet block; to no avail. Added to this there were children as young as 3-7 years old in a mini Jeep driving around the roads being passed by full scale vehicles including armour. I don't need to say much more on that subject really - shocking.


Camping - It really did look like the camping and caravan club in most areas. It was so nice to see so many Fiats, Fords, a Mustang, and mobile homes of all makes and sizes, tents of all colours and shapes... It makes it feel worthwhile we brought a Military vehicle, military tents, camouflage nets and a display! Maybe next time I will bring my Ford Focus and a large tent from Halfords, as that seems to be the most popular display this year by many. I have no idea why this year this was allowed to happen.


Marshals - The girl who saw my GMC off site was very friendly and helpful. Other than that I saw one person on a quad and someone shopping on the stalls. Where have the staff gone? Is WP show now a free for all until an accident or fatality happen and the show is banned?


Stalls - Seemed to be less there this year. All very expensive, but maybe I am getting older now and remember the costs of things from yesteryear?


Good points - Nice atmosphere, generally. Great to see old friends and some new. Great venue.


War and Peace Revival - Listen to us! We need better amenities, more staff and security, rules that are abided to, and a MILITARY vehicle show.. not a camping and caravan club meeting! If you demand that, keep it in one area.

We are paying for the show, so sprinkle our cash about a bit more! Maybe look at the WP books from 2000-2005 and see what was spent on loos and showers, staff and security.


Oh! and closing Saturday night is a daft idea! As most will leave midday Saturday and the show will look bare for the general public when they arrive on the most popular day.

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I think if the organisers tried to turn away everybody with a caravan or camper, they would soon find they didn't have much of a show left... I fail to see how they could police the number of civy camping once people have set up. They can ask nicely for people to "cam up", but they can't forcibly de-camp them without moving into decidedly dodgy legal ground (I suspect).

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For Me, due to my personal situation of caring fulltime for my Wife. This was my 'Holiday' / Respite break. I arrived onsite on the 19th, as ORGINALLY advertised on the W&P webpage.

Dispite being falsely told by a Woman at the reception camp area. 'It has always been the 20th Love'........

Jamie decently let me in on the 19th to be fair.


I set up & relaxed for the 10 days there. trudged round the stalls in all weather situations. Talked with a number Of dealers I know well. & informed a lot of dealers stayed away due to high pitch prices!....


A lot of Armour owners & Mil Vehicle owners also stayed away. due to the fact of having to pay. To attend this show. And the non availability of a free low loader. whilst I agree with their stance. To attend, one had no choice but to pay to come to W&P. I see Friends that I only meet up with once a year also. I have my own toilet & shower facilities. But had NO OPTION but to also pay up the extra £10 for these. That £10 would have been better spent in my Fuel tank!....I don't think the £10 went anywhere near 'improving' the toilets & showers TBH. in the original concrete toilet/shower block. Wooden duckboards would have gone down well. as the floors looked like the Somme Mud fest!!! I got around that one with Bundeswher Shower Flip Flops. & they didn't cost Me £10 either!.......


I spoke to Jamie wells onsite & informed him of these gripes. He told Me, 'We get them moaning all the time on the phone about this. But, booking numbers are up. & we didn't make a profit last year. As the toilets & showers cost us £40,000.'

Now, wether this is true or not, I obviously cannot say for sure.

But it is APPARANT, that the new owner couldn't give a Damm about vehicle owners. It SEEMS like he is only interested in the money aspect. But that is only my formed opinion!........:( I suspect others feel the same?.....


I mean, Civy 'Classic Cars' at a MILITARY VEHICLE Show!! ANYTHING to pull in extra cash it would seem?........


I have had Friends contact me with the same / similar complaints. it is the ONLY show we know of. That WE, as exhibitors have to pay. to attend!.......I am 'Informed', that 'something, is in the pipeline'. Regarding another show!........


The young girls riding about at speed on motorcycles was concerning to me. As was the kids in the mini jeep, as mentioned by others on here!.... Speeding was a regular occurrence & the potential for an accident on those muddy roads. Was amazing that one didn't occur!....


All the Civy tents amongst those who have laid out hard earned for Military/ Green tentage. Did nothing to dispel the disappointment for a LOT of us. Who HAD made the effort!....


All the effort & expense laid out through the year for a LOT of us. To get our vehicles ready & on the road. When it would seem, a white range rover, with black UN letters on it. Or a white van with the blue/white UN symbol all over it as magnetic signs. Is sufficient to 'get you through the gate'. Is indeed taking the proverbial!.......Others said the same!......


I enjoyed myself personally, but that was mainly down to meeting up with Friends & relaxing on my own display.


I cant say for sure obviously, but if the owner continues in the vein he pursues at present. the show will surely deteriorate. Will I be bothered? well, actually. NO! Because I am of the opinion that a better show will begin elsewhere!.....

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