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War and Peace 2017

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I am sure I saw this one for sale at Westernhangar a couple of years ago. But it had an engine in it then:






Super looking Snatch on Withams stall. On sale at £15K reduced from £30K






A Unic. I didn't see this until it was covered over, but looked very interesting.




Not seen this trailer before, but it had a dismountable box so I imagine it was an ammunition trailer for the Flak 30 or Flak 38?











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Thanks for posting these! You missed out the anti-aircraft gun (??) equipped Land Rover up for sale (I guess a one-off special produced by the Bodgit Freres of Belgium?) and of course, Rugged Robin who made another stirring appearance and negotiated the mud with ease! I was bemused by asking prices for Land Rovers......some optimistic soul had a 110 Series in well used nick up at £17,500 (rapidly reduced to £14,500), while two rows on, a superficially similar machine could be had for £2750. Then Withams had a very smart Wolf for just under £10k. Potential Landie buyers must have been bemused.

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But the Snatch was sold after the price was reduced to a pretty keen £15k and similar keen "show reductions" on several of the Witham vehicles. As we were discussing at the show, there is the ASKING price and the SELLING price and the latter is rather harder to find out, but in most cases, MUCH lower than the advertised price, which is the one, unfortunately, that gets into people's heads as the "value" of a vehicle. Bubble burst on prices? For the more common and unremarkable vehicles, I would hazard .....yes. And a good thing.

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Prize giving in the arena before the rains came down.


Roger Graystone winner of the Dale Prior Memorial Award, Best Humber 1 Ton for originality & servicing. This is not judged just on a shiny exterior, but equally important is the under-chassis state & attention to servicing. So many times I have seen a façade of pretty painting hiding automotive neglect underneath.



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Got back home this morning from 7 days at the show. A shame about the weather, but nothing like as bad as the last time we were at the Hop Farm. All in all a great event. I looked at it as a new one, trying not to compare it with the past, even relocated to another field after over 15 years in America Field. Met up with friends and acquaintances from around the world and had a very enjoyable time. The restaurant in the main marquee served an excellent evening meal (same caterers as at Folkestone). The Gentleman's Marquee is a good feature, we made use of it last year and this year it was good to sit in in there with a drink and chat with friends, a nice touch.

Will not bang on about toilets, you quickly found out the best ones to use and had no issues. The Ghurkhas looking after the permanent toilet and shower block did an excellent job.

A good number of different vehicles appeared this year, no idea on numbers, but definitely a good turn out.

Well done to the organisers as to set up on another new site is quite a challenge for the first year.

Roll on 2018!


cheers Richard

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Well just got back and it ended up a great week. Went down on the Sunday last week, midday and had nowhere to set up as all the plots were staked out. We unloaded the GMC, Jeep and dodge WC on the plot reserved for good old Mr Compton for the night but were told to move on. After a few mins explaining that we had nowhere to go they let us stay there for the night. Monday morning at 5.30am the 2 of us had a look at the whole site and found nowhere for all of our crew to set up. Complained to a few of the site organizers and was found a pitch after asking people to move their fence lines in, but still not enough room for the whole setup. After about half an hour they made room for us at the back of beyond in the middle of post war and foreign vehicles with plastic camping and owners cars and vans. Not best pleased, as we had WW2 set up. No toilets within a 200m only those who rented them. Seems that a lot of people went down days before the official date for setting out and took more than was needed for their own set up. Not a lot of the public ventured down our way as it was quite a walk from the main gate, most of the few WW2 guys who had set up down that end were not happy at the fact they had travelled a long way to show off their vehicles and hardly anyone ventured down there. Wish the organizers had said that no plastic camping and modern vehicles were allowed to mix in with the main WW2 theme, spoiled the whole effect. We all ended up having a great time but hope next year things will be sorted out a bit better. As for the weather, we all have no control of that so can't complain and brings it home to us how those who fought and gave their lives for us, must have felt with all that mud around trying to move vehicles and walk getting covered in it and expected to fight, humbling and moving when you think about it.

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I was at the show for a full week from sunday to sunday and had a great time! The lack of space for latecomers has always been an issue and usually it's resolved by moving a few lines, not everyone needs 2 football pitches for 3 Landy's.


As for the Unic, this is how it looked under the blue tarp:



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