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Photobucket issues

Great War truck

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It was brought to my attention that some of the photos shown in the Dennis restoration have disappeared. We get a message saying please update your account to enable third party hosting as can be seen here:




It is required that an annual payment of $399 is made to pay for this. I have done some more research and found this:


"Photobucket is cracking down on people embedding on third-party websites images it hosts, until now, for free.

The photo-slinging internet elder now says that anyone who wants to use its service to display photos it hosts on other pages – such as signature banners in forum posts – will now need to open up their wallets and plop down $399.99 a year for a subscription plan.

The new policy will be particularly annoying to longtime users who have relied on Photobucket's 14-year-old service to host the images they use to place images on forums or in blog posts.

Cheaper plans, including the free account option, will no longer have an option to allow third-party hosting.


The alert netizens now get from Photobucket for inlining images on third-party sites

The change of heart was quietly introduced by Photobucket earlier this week as an update to its terms of service.

On the one hand, it's reasonable for Photobucket to ask for some help in footing its bandwidth bills for serving up images for folks on other websites; on the other hand, it will break a lot of graphics posted on the 'net and inlined in forums and blogs.

"Photobucket defines 3rd-party hosting as the action of embedding an image or photo onto another website," the updated T&Cs read.

"For example, using the <img> tag to embed or display a JPEG image from your Photobucket account on another website such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, a blog, etc, is definitively 3rd-party hosting."



Strangely it has affected Dads photobucket but not mine yet. It will be a real shame if all the photos that I have uploaded on our restorations are going to disappear.


Has anybody else come across this and is my understanding of this correct? Having done a Google search there does appear to be a lot of discussion on the subject so it appears that unless I pay the $399 annual fee all the photos will now go. A shame. I am feeling really quite annoyed, verging on miffed.




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My car buddies who have detailed thread builds like your self have had the same experience.

They are voting with their feet..



Not deleted mine yet I have downloaded the whole album onto a file on my desktop and will back that up. I won't use photobucket again but will leave the pics there so they have to use respurces to store them.

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I logged onto Photobucket today and got greeted my a message screen detailing new price plans. Having read it I was left feeling incredibly pissed off. the whole reason for on-line hosting is to be able to shore the images - or so I thought. Seems the bean counters at Photobucket have a different idea.


As I understand it the new pricing plans are:



2Gb Storage

Adverts everywhere

No Linking

No 3rd party Hosting

Monthly fee

Yearly fee


Plus 50

60Gb Storage

Adverts everywhere

No Linking

No 3rd party Hosting

Monthly fee $5.99

Yearly fee $59.99


Plus 100

110Gb Storage

No Adverts

Unlimited Linking

No 3rd party Hosting

Monthly fee $9.99

Yearly fee $99.99


Plus 500

510Gb Storage

No adverts

Unlimited Linking

Unlimited 3rd party Hosting

Monthly fee $39.99

Yearly fee $399.99


I am on the Plus 20 package that no longer exists but as a result I have 3rd part Hosting until December 31, 2018.

So looks to me like I have a year and a bit to find an alternative and get all my photos transferred over.

Corporate greed ruins yet another service :( :(

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I took a look also after my pics disappeared on the forum.

Not really in the mood to start paying although I do understans a fee service may not be viable for the provider. Still a large amount for a former free service sounds a bit over the top scaring away most.

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Looks like the bean counters at PhotoBucket have done the math - belatedly - and worked out they are losing far more than they are going to gouge on the new rates. So I got an e-mail from them yesterday with a "special offer" - their Premium service at $99 a year that allows for:

  • Store up to 300,000 Photos
  • Unlimited 3rd Party Hosting (Non-commercial)*
  • Unlimited Forum Embedding
  • Unlimited Sharing

Link is at http://photobucket.com/p500/?hotlinkfix=1516928810657 - apparently it expires in 7 days from 26th January 2018....

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