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guy quad GS 1944

jean baptiste

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Hi, this is where it is on my Guy 15 CWT Wireless. The speedo is a very small little thing.


dan - 6.jpg


Hello any people know how is speedometre on a guy GS 1944?attachment.php?attachmentid=127532&stc=1

He is on the left of the steering wheel

dan - 4.jpg

dan - 3.jpg

dan - 5.jpg

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Any people know more on this car? i will make other photo i dont find many thinks on this car 4X4 GS mine is very complet

and before begining restauration i would like it will be.attachment.php?attachmentid=127535&stc=1attachment.php?attachmentid=127536&stc=1

Hi , Very Nice Guy Quad Ant and very complete and original by the looks of it - There are generally two positions for the Speedometer on the Guy Ant Trucks - One is on the main central flat panel where other gauges exist or another is to the left of the steering wheel in a small box as per Tobins picture - Didn't understand totally why they did this as you can barely see it whilst driving really ?

I love the truck as it doesn't look as if anyone has messed with it since the war which is a rare find these days !!


Restore or preserve The truck is great !!


Rgds Glynn

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yes i have the same box for the speedometre and i have the cable also he is attached at the box, the speedometre and the ladder of the emergency wheel are the only parts i haven't i search this.


For the restoration i don't know it's many times i love military vehicule and i haven't see one restored in 4X4 GS

i have the matricule english do you think you can know were he was before give to the french army ?



May be he had make a little pass in german army because he have a white stripe on the hood i have see one but i don't remember where and on the front there are that: a sort of elephant


And after it was in french army he have french WW2 matricule





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But i look for also engine seals for my Guy some one know where i can found? and maybe piston i must open engine for see why is bloc but before make this i would like have al seal if some one can help me.

I dont find other people who repair the same and i m not english.

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