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DPM Fabric Wraps For The SLR?


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I've seen several pictures where it looks like Troops had these. I believe the pics were from Northern Ireland in the 70s and 80s.

Were these made by the Soldiers themselves, or a unit issued item?


These were made by the blokes in the NAAFI from damaged uniforms. They did other things like "Boxing" the pockets of jackets and replacing the buttoned sleeve cuffs with the top of a sock to provide an elasticated and more windproof sleeve.


I have a smock, combat 8415-69-130-5862 with the main pockets boxed to hold two tins of beer rather than the usual one.


Rob D.

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Agree with the above - no rules or regs for this modification. Elasticated sleeves was the Rolls Royce way to go on this. From what I recall most either just wrapped some DPM cloth around the furniture and either tied or (more often) taped it in place. Ditto with some hessian sacking which (again if I recall correctly) was frequently more in favour since it was thicker and more 'grippy' than DPM cotton (plus it looked way cooler, too!) ;)

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