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Scammell Explorer 1955.

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DSC01120.thumb.JPG.740f47b367ec135985c6a32ee3702773.JPGThere are many job's restoring anything under the umbrella of restorations, but this has to be one of the most time filling moments of any restoration,undoing nuts and bolts that have become rock solid in their components. I had to use heat and a pair of mole grips to remove some of the 2BA bolts that hold the inner panel to the frame, and where I could not use mole grips to unscrew the broken off lengths of rusty bolt, I drilled very carefully and then re tapped them.

However I was successful in every single one. Very happy to have completed that task.

The next two photo's show the very sad bottom of the door that contains the lower hinge and limiter that allows the door to open only so far.. I have cut the whole section from the cross brace that the window runners go down too, right to the bottom of the door. I intend making a new section and re-welding it back in. So far only one countersunk screw has come undone out of a possible 6, so tomorrow i shall be fresh, and a second attempt at removing the remaining screws.DSC01124.thumb.JPG.a89f20b0a47a994fd2af539f8934dc56.JPG




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