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What MV do you own?

What MV do you own?  

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  1. 1. What MV do you own?

    • British
    • American
    • German
    • Commomwealth
    • Eastern Block
    • Other

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No new MV since 2014? Here is mine! 

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ANd lotus Esprit 1994 S4S, 300 bhp of fun fun fun...going to cost me a bit though, needs a seat recovering in cream leather...got the man to do it though...in my eyes it is a classic car, not military but definitely classic..

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It would be interesting to run another poll and ask if how the vehicles are split in to WW1 / pre-war, WW2, post-war and 'modern' / built from 2000 onwards.


The reason I ask is that most members own British but those from WW2 are becoming rarer at shows, and pre-war almost hard to find.

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just a few.

6x AEC, 2x Albion, 3x Austin, 5x Bedford, 1x Dennis, 6x Humber, 4x Layland, 4x Scammell, 1x Morris, 1x Sentinal, 3x Stalwalt, 1x Saladin, 4x Saracen, 1x Salamander, 3x M series, 1x DAF, 2x Autounion, 4x Thornycroft, 1x Scania, 1x Dimond T, 3x Mack, 1x Ward la France, 1x Kenworth, 3x Zil, 1x Ural, 2x Berliet 1x Chevrolet, 2x Ferret, 3x Cheftain, 1x Centurion, 1x T55, 1x 432, 1x CET, 1x eager beaver, 1x Smith Rodley, 1x Muir Hill, 20x peices if towed kit, (155mm- 5.5"-35Ton trailer- recovery dolley- gen sets- mine layers- lube trailers- cargo trailers)

My shrink says its part of my therapy to confront my hording tendency's, and making a list is a start! haha. :nut:

oh and a REME fitters half track and some MG's, Alfas, Saabs, lancia, volvo, holy crap I do have issues!!!:shocked:

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Dear Ashcollection,


Hopefully you don't keep your wonderful collection in a big field and let them rot over the coming years (like a collection being disposed of in Wilts this weekend)

luckily we have some big buildings, quite a few of the vehicles we have where saved from that fate and the cutters torch! lets say some are rough, but at least they have survived! if i don't ever have time to restore them in my lifetime, someone else will get the option in the future!:-)

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Currently have Land Rover 101 FC 12v GS; Land Rover 101 FC 12v Radio Body; Land Rover 24v FFR Lightweight; Can Am Bombardier and a Harley Davidson MT350 plus the CS kit and bits for all of them.

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Listed photos in Albums

currently own

1953 Humber Pig Mk2

1954 Austin Champ

1954 MoBAT

1952 Sankey Mk2 Trailer

1968 Sankey Water Trailer

1977 Land Rover 101

1976 ROF Fox CVR(W)

1985 Rapier Launcher Trailer 

1980 Can-Am Bombardier 250

1994 Harley-Davidson MT350

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