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Does it sense/measure movement in any way?


Nope is the straightforward answer.


(Well you did say "in any way" so not in the accepted sense. But once the answer is uncovered someone might argue that it does detect movement of a sort. But I would not dwell on this part of my answer too much as it may not help or on the other hand I suppose it might)

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Does it sense engine RPM, from ignition?


Good thought Richard but nope. If you are going down the speed line of thought you have to think very very very fast.


This is not automotive as such although they were fitted to some vehicles or could be carried around. My German one I found got broken (this is it) & I have just bought a more modern Polish one albeit nearly 50 years old.


The thing you see is just part of the equipment it goes to another unit (box of tricks) for processing.

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Glad you enjoyed it, I never quite know how it will go.


It is surprising how over the months the hits can go into many thousands. I see the low voltage ignition plug has 7,452 hits although you will not find (I couldn't) any information about this technique anywhere on the internet (which makes it a good mystery object!) So I don't see how hits are drawn to it.


This time's MO was born of the frustration of finding my Geiger-Muller tube was cracked when I was about to evaluate some luminous paint on some old meters. When as a schoolboy I built my first Geiger counter, I recollect the tube as being much bigger in clear glass & a wire helix. This small tube of black glass wasn't quite what I expected, so I thought some good might be salvaged from the disappointment.


I have been unable to find a sensibly priced replacement so instead I bought one of these:




The seller has a lot of NBC stuff if you are into that sort of thing. I did toy with the idea of getting a compact very modern Chinese one. Eventually I came to the conclusion that with these you couldn't hear the clicks of ionisation just a meter reading, the audio is just an alarm if you reach a dangerous level. It took many frustrating exchanges with various oriental sellers asking questions through an auto-translator to be only told extracts of what it ambiguously says in the adverts, which are just copy pasted from one seller to another.


I expect the next MO will be on a Saturday evening when my TV region won't show my weekly dose of Dad's Army instead the whole schedule of BBC 2 is swept aside for a 3-4 hours of opera, sport, darts or snooker :(

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