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Arnhem September 2007

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I am organising a trip for our group to Arnhem in Sept

We are sailing from Hull on the 21.00hrs ferry on the 19th Sept

and returning on the 21.00hrs ferry on the 24th Sept

We will be camping with the Dutch ABWO guys at Oosterbeek

http://www.lhgh.nl/ for a taster turn your sound on first

if any one is interested drop me a line


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Should be with a bit of luck it kills me having to be up at 06.30 hrs to get on the heath for 08.00hrs being with the ABWO group especially after a late night at the bar you would think someone my age would know better actually 2 of the guys from our group are jumping at Ginkel on Saturday and on Sunday at Njimegen if you call at the camp site give us a knock I will be with the NSMVT group

Commander Bond

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I know Ian from Just Ordinary Men is making the jump. Maybe this is who you mean. Brilliant. I've never been to Arnhem - a big hole in my battlefield visit list. Maybe 2008 will be my year. Have a great time all of you who are going. Take lots of snaps for us to admire later.

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