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Looking for an M2 part

Fox Bradley

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The CORRECT name for this component is, 'Barrel Support'. & yes, Pete Green from Drop zone has them.


I believe Mike Priest stocks of .30" Cal & 50" Cal spare's has been exhausted now.


As dry functioning action MGs from the 2nd May must be welded up solid. To comply with the EU specs introduced then.

He feels it no longer viable, to invest in parts for those marques of MG to build them up. & subsequently Deact them.

.50" Cal Parts in particular, & now hard & quite expensive to source in the UK.


He does however, offer Deact Bren's done to the new EU specs. If you are wanting to take Deacts over to France Etc.

For vehicle shows/celebrations Etc. These now will be the ONLY Deacts allowed over there. If you take an UK spec over.

You risk confiscation. From either their customs/ police.

Or from ours here in the UK upon re-entry!......


Why? you say. When it was taken out of the UK & then returned to the UK? Answer: = Because you are then importing a Firearm into the UK, which does NOT comply with the EU specs. & is therefore classified as a 'Live' weapon. Even though it is Deactivated! This anomaly is because for British Customs. There is NO classification for importing a Deactivated Firearm. Only Live ones!.......


So the answer is, a relatively cheap EU spec Bren or bolt action Rifle. Certified with a new EU spec certificate.


NOTE: I have no financial connections with Mike Priest. The above is just my thoughts on the risk of exporting & reimporting a Deact. & how NOT to get into 'Hot Water' over it all! ;)

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