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BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish


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After chasing wiring gremlins until 02:00 hrs, the Ferret was finally ready for the Out of Province Inspection. There was a relay attached to the side of the instrument cluster that was feeding constant power to the brake light switch, hence the brake lights were always on. There was no sign of this relay in the wiring diagram. Some kind of mystery ...


It was 30 degrees Celsius on the day of the inspection - I don't know how the lads lasted in the Ferrets in real hot climates!

All went well and I am now licensed for the road! First event is tomorrow - I will post pictures tomorrow night.


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Thanks Andy and 10 68,


The B 60 is a wonderful engine, as sweet a sound as you will ever hear.


Today was a very good day, the weather broke around 0800 hrs and the roads dried by the time we departed for our first All British Field Meet at 0930. I had the cutest Ferret Commander buckled in and ready to go. She did a great job telling dad when it was safe to change lanes and we arrived at Victoria Park a little chilled but safe and sound. I can say with certainty that we were the star of the show, lots of folks gathered around the Ferret with lots of questions and positive comments. The return trip was much warmer and the Ferret ran flawlessly.


Today, made all of the time and money (yes, and even the stress), worthwhile, enjoying the day with my 12 year old daughter was priceless ... the next big event is the Canada Day Parade July 1! Hopefully, I can have the radio sets installed by then (and a few more detail bits finished).



British Field Meet 1.jpg




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Thanks Gents,


Making memories with your children and getting them interested in the hobby is a win/win. I made sure to purchase an NOS crew helmet which fits her perfectly. Using the intercom is a novelty for her as are the looks that we get when driving down the road. Ferret's on the streets of Edmonton are a rare thing indeed.


A Youtube clip taken during the day of the inspection:


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Finally, the fun stuff! With all the heavy lifting finished, I can now do the little detail things that I really enjoy, first up was the Spotlight. I'm not sure about the British Ferrets, but the Canadians had a mod for mounting spotlights, specifically, C-30-541-000/CF-039, which involved welding a bracket to the right side of the hull just behind the side hatch. Power was taken from the right interior light. Not wanting to weld on my hull, I opted for my own 'bolt on' design. I needed to account for the swing of the 1919 and still have the option of using the canvas hull cover. It was more work than I planned, however, I am quite pleased with the result.



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Thank you CaptMax, I thought about this for several months, the Ferret came with the NOS spotlight, however, it was just bolted into one of the existing holes on the top of the vehicle. I made several cardboard templates in order to get the right look along with a degree of functionality. The goal is for people to look at it and just assume that it came that way.

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Hi Codeblue,


Thank you for your feedback, it is always appreciated. I am not sure what you are asking regarding the tires. I used the tires that came with the vehicle, the tread is like new but there is some weather checking. Sources have suggested that the side walls are very thick and the cracks shouldn't be an issue. Time will tell I guess. It didn't seem to be an issue with the 'Out of Province' inspection thankfully.

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Hi Everyone,


The first summer with the Ferret is coming to an end. It was quite the year, pushing hard to finish everything in time for the first event (self-imposed deadline). Finding out that there was far more to do than anticipated, hunting for parts and spending way more than originally budgeted. Chasing electrical gremlins until 2:00 a.m so the scheduled 'Out of Province' could be completed the day before the big debut. Getting comfortable driving in traffic and gaining confidence in the reliability of the vehicle.


In retrospect, I wouldn't change a thing! The interest the Ferret generates just going to and from events, even stopping for gas is amazing. My daughter complains about all the attention we attract whenever we take the Ferret out but I know she really enjoys the countless 'thumbs up' and enthusiastic waves she receives while in the commander's seat.


Over the summer months, I have added a .30 cal tripod, camo net, .30 cal ammo cans on the left rear fender and commissioned one of our local artists to hand paint all of the markings. Everything on the vehicle (including the union jack) is hand painted - it was one of the best things I did - she is truly unique and the colors pop!


This winter, I will be installing a complete radio setup (Clansman 353 and 352 sets). We will also be removing the rear deck to re-torque the head and chase down a minor oil leak.


Thanks to everyone on the Forum for their comments and support. Looking forward to next year!







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Well, it's the dog days of winter out here on the prairie - time to tinker on the interior, specifically, the radios.  I decided to go with the 353 and 351/2 set up and I wanted everything to be functional so a fair bit of planning and sourcing of parts was required.  I was able to find everything but one part of the 351/2 mount (see 1st pic), so I made one based off of the photo.prc351352mframe.jpg.a1137dccf73674d1c9712a4c1205ee6b.jpg20171115_123557.thumb.jpg.0bfb4fe018b1d43b3d02945c92eea6e9.jpg A few test fits were required to ensure then it was time to blow it all apart and paint/detail all of the bits.  With re-assembly came the installation of the armored cable from the front mounted tuaam and the Arfat (located between the 2 radios). I also painted and stenciled a couple of grenade bins ...

Front and rear tuaams mounted, 351/2 still to come.  And yes, a grounding strap for the 353!


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Interior and a couple exterior updates...

The Clansman radios are installed!  After much test fitting and cosmetic restoration, both radios are complete.  The front and rear Tuaams are installed and all cables connected.  Next came all of the boxes necessary to make everything work - a big thanks to Clive McDonnell for all of his assistance sourcing the boxes and cables.  I started taking pictures o the interior from the center, going counter clockwise.  Then some exterior shots of the rear hatches - I spent quite a bit of time dissembling the hatches, cleaning and detailing everything.  I added a D10 reel and a tow cable (yes, those are pieces of rubber hose used to protect the paint from the rubbing of the cable - don't judge me!).

Looking forward to this summer's events!

Interior 1.jpg

Interior 2.jpg

Interior 3.jpg

Interior 4.jpg

Interior 5.jpg

Interior 6.jpg

Interior 8.jpg

Rear 9.jpg

Rear 10.jpg

D10 Reel.jpg

Tow Cable.jpg

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Sealant Should not be necessary on the diaphragm but the diaphragm should be  depressed level and not in the delivery  position via the spring Once the diaphragm is depressed  [to suction it could tear it ]allowing fuel into the oil  A electric pump allows the vehicle to start  without wearing out the starter. On most vehicles allowing the vehicle to idle will charge all of the oil galleries. I fitted two pumps on different  electrical circuits in case one fails. I had a CVRW fox  that had a Electric pump that failed and was hard to acess

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